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"Angelus is on his way here now. He's very cross."
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January 29 2010

(SPOILER) Matt Roush reviews the series finale of Dollhouse. Minor spoilers for the finale included.

October 23 2009

(SPOILER) TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush reviews tonight's episode of Dollhouse: "Belonging" . "Itís easily the most compelling, surprising and emotionally turbulent episode so far this season." Herc at AICN also reviews it here. More...

April 25 2009

TV Guide's Matt Roush: No worries on Castle. Also on page 4, Matt writes about being at the Whedon family reunion at Paley Fest. More...

March 18 2009

TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush answers questions about Dollhouse and corrects a "miscommunication" concerning which Whedon show panel he will be moderating at the LA Paley Festival. More...

November 21 2008

TV Guide's Matt Roush fields a question about the new FOX schedule. One letter-writer laments the new schedule while another commends the idea of having theme nights of similar programming.

April 28 2008

Matt Roush talks Whedon. Again! This time he answers a question about why certain producers find it hard to duplicate the success of their first hit show in future attempts. More...

December 22 2006

"Why is it heroic or not insulting when an unambiguously straight character is suddenly "outed"?" someone asks Matt Roush, wondering why people are offended by the "de-gaying" of Zach on Heroes but not the by Willow's sudden transition into homosexuality on Buffy.

September 18 2006

Matt Roush says Buffy and Angel are in the top tier of genre series ever in response to a reader who asks him what the WB's biggest or most influential shows were.

June 18 2006

Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer has Matt Roush had to defend his love for a show simply due to its title, said the TV critic in talking about how he has to do the same thing for Battlestar Galactica. More...

May 29 2006

Will Shaun Cassidy pull a Joss Whedon and release a feature movie to tie up loose ends and continue the story of "Invasion"? Matt Roush gives his answer.

April 21 2006

"Buffy" and "Angel" ranked high as dramas that went out with dignity among TV Guide columnist Matt Roush's readers.

February 27 2006

Roush thinks Invasion will "go the way of Firefly" , meaning sell well on DVD even though it will probably be cancelled. 2nd to last question on the page. More...

February 24 2006

"Do not be dissing my Angel." This from Matt Roush in response to a reader who writes "David Boreanaz [on Bones] wishes he had 20 percent of Wentworth Miller's [on Prison Break] screen presence."

January 23 2006

Will Doctor Who make a mark in the U.S. with sci-fi and genre fans now that Buffy, Angel, and Firefly are gone? Matt Roush gives his opinion. The second to last question on the page.

January 13 2006

Battlestar Galactica is not comparable to the "more fanciful" series Firefly and Farscape according to Matt Roush. The 8th question down the page.

October 28 2005

Matt Roush Would Love to See a Spike Movie. The last question on the page. More...

October 07 2005

A Buffy/Alias comparison in Ask Matt column. In the third paragraph, a reader compares J.J. Abrams to Joss Whedon, and Matt Roush compares watching the final season of Alias to watching the final season of Buffy. More...

September 26 2005

Matt Roush of TV Guide praises Serenity with one reservation. More...

October 08 2003

TV Guide's Matt Roush On Angel Season 5 More...

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