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March 14 2013

Happy birthday Mercedes McNab! Harmony turns 33 today.

February 27 2013

Mercedes McNab gives birth to a baby girl. Congratulations to the family.

May 15 2012

Mercedes McNab gets married. People has details and pics.

August 26 2011

Phoenix Examiner movie review of Mercedes McNab's 'Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf'. Joseph Airdo reviews the recently released DVD/Blu-ray. More...

February 10 2011

Just announced! James Marsters will be joining several Verse favorites at Chicago Comic Con , August 11-14. James joins Julie Benz , Felicia Day, Mercedes McNab, and Angel cover artist Jenny Frison at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. More...

October 21 2010

Cast of Buffy pose for awkward family photos at Wizard Boston Con. James Marsters, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon join in on the fun. More...

October 15 2010

Mercedes McNab joins Twitter! Clare Kramer recommended her for Follow Friday.

October 12 2009

Mercedes McNab appearing at Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention. This event will be held from the 23rd to the 25th of October.

January 19 2009

Mercedes Bites! An Exclusive Interview with Mercedes McNab. Buffyfest interviews Mercedes McNab about Harmony's appearance in Season 8, her Buffy and Angel experiences, her upcoming projects, and more.

November 05 2007

Mercedes McNab to appear on "Reaper." Looks like she's set to be a baddie guest star this Tuesday! More...

September 26 2007

(SPOILER) Mercedes McNab to guest star on Supernatural. TV Guide's Ausiello has the details (as well as spoilers for other shows).

September 19 2007

Christian Kane, Mercedes McNab, Elisabeth Rohm, Michael Muhney & Ellen Muth coming to Australia in October! The Hub Productions have just announced their fifth guest for the October 27/28 convention happening in Sydney and Melbourne. More...

August 31 2007

Harmony's Horrorfest Hits Hollywood. Mercedes McNab's horror flick Hatchet opens September 7th. The film has been getting a lot of buzz since its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. It also co-stars horror legends Kane Hodder and Robert Englund. Go Mercedes!

October 14 2006

Mercedes McNab to sign Playboy at Virgin in Hollywood. On October 19th, ask Mercedes in person what she thought about her nude photo shoot for Playboy when she has a signing of the magazine at the Virgin Megastore at Highland and Hollywood in Los Angeles. Don't let the irony of the location keep you from attending! More...

October 07 2006

Mercedes McNab goes commando: Harmony gets the cover of the November Playboy. See Mercedes getting her kit off , very tastefully! (link goes to the Playboy site so Not Safe For Work). More...

October 04 2006

"I thought it was just a 'kick-ass show about Vampires'". Mercedes McNab chats to Fractal Matters about all things Buffy and more. The site also has an advance review of IDW's Angel: Masks comic book for your perusal.

September 08 2006

Mercedes McNab will pose nude for Playboy in the November issue. The actress who played Harmony in BTVS and ATS will be interviewed and pose for the magazine in front of her new movie/slasher pic Hatchet. Not safe for work (links to the Playboy site). More...

May 06 2006

(SPOILER) Mercedes McNab's film "Hatchet" screens at Tribeca Film Festival to reviews ranging from great to so-so. New York Magazine says, "Adam Green's homage to seventies horror flicks wants to be the next Halloween, but it's actually the next Wet Hot American Summer." Cinema Strikes Back calls it "100% fun". I was at the premiere, and I tend to side with... More...

April 25 2006

Mercedes McNab Interview on She talks about her new movie Hatchet and opines on the state of the Spike movie.

April 20 2006

Mercedes McNab is "Miles from Home". Yep, Mercedes is in another indie film. This time, it's a short (directed by her Hatchet co-star Joel Moore) that was screened at the South by Southwest film festival last month. But even though the event is over, you can still see her in the film's trailer at the SXSW site linked above.

April 19 2006

Hatchet (featuring Mercedes McNab) premiering at Tribeca Film Festival. Adam Green's slasher film, set in the Louisiana swamps, is making its world premiere in New York next week. In addition to Mercedes, the movie also features Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, and the actor who played "Student" in the BtVS episode "Innocence".

February 07 2006

Mercedes McNab joins the lineup of Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors convention. It'll be held June 2-4 at LA's Burbank Airport Hilton.

January 06 2004

Mercedes McNab Rants @ the WB about Harm's Way.... Nothing real Spoilery except she doesn't even sound like Harmmony. More...

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