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November 14 2013

Kickstarter for a licensed Serenity USB drive. Seems pretty pricey (and huge) for a 8GB thumb drive that's not even USB 3. But at least they have the licensing set up ahead of time and have a history of similar licensed devices (Voltron, Gigantor, etc) to make it look legit.

October 01 2013

Kaylee parasol replica now for sale at ThinkGeek. You'll need to add your own rips and tares to make it screen-accurate. But it looks like a great recreaton of the original prop for $20.

January 16 2012

Firefly designs on merchandise. Stumbled across this Firefly inspired design by Nana Leonti. Available on a T-shirt, hoodie, iphone case, art print, and more. There is also a "Keep flying and stay shiny" design by Perdita on the same site here. More...

March 08 2010

Evil League of Evil Official T-Shirt now available from QMx. Another Whedon goodie from Quantum Mechanix.

July 10 2009

Underground Artist 11th Hour Teams Up with QMx. There's a shiny new tshirt design featuring our favourite ship.

January 25 2009

New Dr. Horrible shirt added to store. Dr. Horrible takes on cartoon form in the newest shirt.

July 15 2008

Jason Palmer finishes his Serenity print series. The last of Jason Palmer's licensed Serenity character portrait prints are now complete, and the full set (with a snazzy album carrier) will be available at ComicCon or on the web site. More...

June 25 2008

Buffy Tarot Deck cancelled. "Due to circumstances beyond our control, Dark Horse will not be producing the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Tarot Deck." More...

May 30 2007

Ask Diamond #48. Diamond Select Toys answers more questions about upcoming BtVS, AtS, and Serenity action figures, statues, and other merchandise. More...

May 01 2007

'Can't Stop the Serenity' 2007 charity swag already on sale. The official CSTS poster and t-shirt are now available for pre-order. Click the title link for a list of cities allowing pre-orders; click here for a good look at the shirt and poster. More...

November 14 2006

Fight like a reaver. Museum Replicas Limited offers a replica set of the reaver sword and axe used by River at the end of Serenity. More...

July 19 2006

More Props from Serenity Auctioned. Propstore has a bunch of things that I haven't seen there before. Get 'em while they're still (sort of) inexpensive!

January 14 2006

Dark Horse to produce Serenity Zippo lighter and ornament. Pricey stuff, but, wow. Shiny. More...

November 09 2005

'Serenity' Makes Quick Voyage to DVD. "Joss Whedon's short-lived FOX drama 'Firefly' found its greatest success on DVD and it looks like Universal is hoping the same will be true of Whedon's feature 'Serenity.'"

October 21 2005

Buffy Prop Webpage Goes Live! FactoryX now has the Buffy Prop Replica Webpage up, including pictures and descriptions of new items including Anyanka's Necklace and the Gentlemen's Voice Box! More...

August 23 2005

Buffy PALz Series 3 Pics! Palisades has revealed the 3-D renderings of its 3rd Series of the successful Buffy PALz. More...

August 18 2005

When Fandom Closes Up Shop. Commentary discussing the end of the Angel magazine and some of the features in the last issue.

August 07 2005

Palisades Picks Up the ANGEL PALz Line! The Announcement came at Wizard World Chicago along with an exclusive Angel PALz with a trenchcoat. More...

July 05 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 27. The latest Q&A with the merchandising designers mentions the possibility of more busts, the designing of more super-articulated action figures, and how many versions of Wesley come with glasses. SDCC, referred to several times as the site of launches and previews, is the San Diego Comic Con.

June 28 2005

New Buffy "Plush" Stake Replica. Nice and safe for the kids at Halloween, but I think it looks like an old, rather dirty carrot.

April 11 2005

Buffy Series Two PALz Page. Pictures of the Buffy Series Two PALz and their accessories. More...

February 16 2005

Oz - Sideshow Exclusive - Only 500 pcs available. This one comes with a "Dingoes ate my baby t-shirt". More...

July 22 2004

Prophecy Girl Buffy - Non exclusive Version. This one has Buffy with her hair down and no jacket. The face looks great.

March 23 2004

buffy the vampire slayer 2005 calendar. Prepare for 2005 with a BtVS Calendar. More...

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