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April 19 2013

(SPOILER) Anthony Stewart Head confirmed for Warehouse 13. He'll appear in the last three episodes of the season. More...

November 25 2012

'Merlin' officially not returning for Series 6. Co-creators and Executive Producers, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, comment on the show ending. Cast members, including Anthony Head, comment on the show's end here.

July 25 2011

'Merlin' renewed for a fifth season. Confirmed by executive producers Jonny Capps and Jillian Murphy. More...

June 19 2011

Tony Head speaks to There's some info on what to expect about the next series of Merlin and the US version of Free Agents. And find out why the BBC thought online support for Buffy was a Rupert Murdoch scam and the craziest thing that a fan has done to get Tony's attention.

March 21 2011

BBC extends Merlin's fourth series. The fantasy series, which stars Anthony Stewart Head, has been given an extra three episodes for season four. This brings the total to 13 episodes, like the previous seasons.

November 29 2010

Merlin to return for fifth series? The show's producers and BBC are in talks for a fifth season of Anthony's show "Merlin."

October 25 2010

Anthony Stewart Head's show 'Merlin' gets a fourth series. But it's only getting a 10 episode order instead of the usual 13.

January 26 2010

Merlin season two will be aired in the US on SyFy starting April 2. Season 1 is getting an encore US run on SyFy in March, and the DVD of season 1 releases in the US on April 20.

December 03 2009

Merlin is renewed for its third season on BBC One. "The announcement comes as the second series of the Saturday-evening show continues to enthral audiences, pulling in a peak of over six million viewers and a 31% share." Cheers for Anthony and company!

September 08 2009

First BBC One trailer for MERLIN season 2 with Anthony Head. According to a fan who spoke with one of the show's producers, season 2 begins airing in the UK on September 19.

March 15 2009

US air date for "Merlin" with ASH. Two-hour US premiere of "Merlin" scheduled to air on NBC at 8pm (EST) on June 21, 2009. The premiere will be repeated on June 28 with single episodes of the series beginning on July 5, airing Sundays from 8-9pm.

September 20 2008

Anthony Head speaks about Uther. Lovely interview with Tony about his role in the new 'Merlin'. More...

September 19 2008

(SPOILER) Tonight on BBC One - Tony Head stars in 'Merlin'. "It's basically Buffy with boys" says The Guardian. And our Tony giggles chats about his role as Uther over at The Sun's website.

August 28 2008

BBC launches 'Merlin' promo. Will satisfy anyone who has ever wanted to see Tony Head wearing a crown.

April 02 2008

Anthony Stewart Head's "Merlin" to air on NBC in US. The Chicago Tribune's TV writer, Maureen Ryan, details NBC's Fall line-up which includes ASH's new fantasy series, "Merlin". More...

March 07 2008

(SPOILER) Anthony Head is royal! Anthony has a new role in a BBC series! (Please note - this link goes directly to his news page; this is about 1/4 down the page) More...

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