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November 23 2011

Red Dawn remake gets new distributor, release date. FilmDistrict has bought the long-delayed movie, starring Chris Hemsworth, and scheduled it for a November 2, 2012 release.

April 12 2011

(SPOILER) State of the Cabin in the Woods. Popmatters Spotlight: Joss Whedon continues with a Cabin Report. More...

September 18 2008

MGM hopes for February 'Cabin' start. An article about Mary Parent's new UA responsibilities (in addition to those at it's, um, parent MGM, says The Cabin in the Woods has a $30M budget and she "hopes to begin production in February to make an already planned Oct. 23 release date."

July 16 2008

Buffy meets Cloverfield? Michael Vollman, lured to MGM by Mary Parent to revamp its marketing unit, has read The Cabin in the Woods. More...

July 08 2008

Into the Woods again - 'Cabin in the Woods' greenlit. Mary Parent (woo-hoo!) at MGM has acquired and greenlit Joss and Drew's film as her first at the studio. More...

March 14 2008

Goners movie goes M.I.A.. Mary Parent at Universal goes to a chairman job at MGM, and Gonersarianozites everywhere fear for the welfare of the movie. More...

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