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October 11 2015

Happy Birthday to Michelle Trachtenberg! She turns 30 today.

January 19 2015

(SPOILER) Michelle Trachtenberg talks about her role in 'Sleepy Hollow'. Her episode airs tonight on Fox.

September 18 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Seth Green reunite. The three Buffy stars met up for Gellar's daughter's birthday.

February 26 2014

Michelle Trachtenberg to co-star in CBS comedy pilot 'Save the Date'. The sitcom centers on Katie (played by Maggie Lawson), "who drunkenly books a wedding venue and now is faced with the task of meeting the right man in time. Trachtenberg will play Hillary, Katie's buttoned-down, no-nonsense sister who is sharing an apartment with her."

November 15 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg to guest-star on NCIS: LA. Her episode will air Dec. 17th.

November 13 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg twerks. She also discusses her feet and squishing a baby during 'Killing Kennedy' filming in separate clips (see comments), all from her November 6th appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show.

November 08 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg and Rob Lowe spill 7 things to know about Killing Kennedy. They talk to E! News about the show, which airs Sunday at 8pm on National Geographic.

September 12 2013

'Killing Kennedy' trailer. National Geographic drama starring Michelle Trachtenberg coming November 10th. More...

June 24 2013

First Look at Michelle Trachtenberg as Marina Oswald in Killing Kennedy. The National Geographic Channel production has been filming in Virginia for the past 2 weeks .

May 28 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg to play Marina Oswald in Killing Kennedy. The National Geographic's two-hour original factual drama will see Michelle speak only Russian and is tied to the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination. More...

March 14 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg & Seth Green in Sexy Evil Genius trailer. Michelle Trachtenberg plays Miranda Prague and is accompanied by Seth Green as Zachary Newman. More...

November 05 2012

Michelle Trachtenberg to guest star on 'Criminal Minds'. She'll appear in episode 12, which will air early next year.

May 09 2012

Dawn and Faith reunite. Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg begin production on thriller "The Scribbler."

April 19 2012

Michelle Trachtenberg stars in a Funny or Die video. “Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign”.

November 01 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg is headed back to the Upper East Side. She will return to Gossip Girl for a "Sizable Arc" in 2012.

September 12 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg interviewed about 'Weeds', 'Gossip Girl' and her career. One question deals with SMG and 'Ringer'.

August 15 2011

Today's "HD-Hottie": Michelle Trachtenberg! highlights MT as the hottie to watch for in hi-def for her new role on tonight's "Weeds."

August 09 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg is guest starring on Weeds next Monday. You get a glimpse of her in the trailer for next week's episode.

July 21 2011

Adam Baldwin and Michelle Trachtenberg both on tonight's Love Bites episode. Looks like it's the last episode of the series.

June 27 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg to guest star in "Weeds" season 7. She will star in two episodes towards the end of the season as a rival to Mary Louise Parker's Nancy Botwin. The seventh season begins tonight on Showtime.

June 09 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg guests on NBC's "Love Bites". It airs tonight (6/9/11) at 10PM.

June 01 2011

Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg join 'Sexy Evil Genius'. The indie drama also stars Katee Sackhoff.

April 14 2011

ABC cancels All My Children and One Life to Live. Two long running soap operas that helped launch the careers of countless stars, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Nathan Fillion (his tweet), were cancelled today after being on the air for more than forty years.

March 18 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg cast in CBS Comedy Pilot . Michelle has been cast as the female lead in CBS' untitled Peter Knight comedy pilot set in a high-powered venture capital firm. More...

January 28 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg is latest Buffy alum to join Twitter. Confirmed by her former "Mercy" co-star James Van Der Beek. Please - don't let @ClareBerry know.

October 21 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg sets up project at CW. Michelle would star as a young criminology student with a gift for profiling and a dark past . More...

May 14 2010

"Mercy" cancelled by NBC. The show also starred Michelle Trachtenberg and Jaime Lee Kirchner, who played Rayna in the third episode of Dollhouse. More...

March 17 2010

IFmagazine interviews Michelle Trachtenberg. The actress talks about playing a nurse on the NBC series 'Mercy', researching the role and the Gail Berman/Buffy connection

February 18 2010

Michelle gets down with her bad self. James Vanderbeek posted this candid video of little Dawnie showing off her mad rapping skills. (May be NSFW).

September 19 2009

James Marsters joins 'Marvel Super Hero Squad'. He will provide the voice of Mr. Fantastic. Michelle Trachtenberg's role as Valkyrie was revealed back in March.

July 13 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg's "Mercy" will premiere Fall. Recently rescheduled from midseason. More...

June 23 2009

IGN interviews Michelle Trachtenberg. A short, but definitely link worthy interview with Michelle Trachtenberg about her upcoming series Mercy. More...

May 04 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg's new show Mercy picked up. "Mercy," a new medical drama with a unique point of view, portrays the lives of the staff at Mercy Hospital as seen through the eyes of nurses. Watch a featurette with Michelle in it. In related news, the decision to renew Chuck has been delayed till May 19th (according to's Ausiello). More...

April 13 2009

This Friday: Dawn Meets Young Simon. As Zac Efron and Michelle Trachtenberg both co-star in the comedy "17 Again". More...

April 08 2009

Angel vs. Edward - who would win in a fight? Deja vu? Just ever so slightly. Anyhow Michelle Trachtenberg does her best to answer the question. She also comments on the Buffy movie rumours that are doing the rounds.

March 07 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg joins 'Marvel Super Hero Squad'. She'll provide the voice of Valkryie for the new animated series. More...

February 03 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg confirms: "I get to be a nasty bitch (again)!" Straight from the actress' mouth - the answer to the Gossip Girl question. More...

January 18 2009

The Los Angeles Times interviews Michelle Trachtenberg at Sundance. She's promoting her latest film, "Against the Current."

December 04 2008

(SPOILER) Michelle Trachtenberg to Resume "Gossip"ing? E!'s Kristin Dos Santos reports that "Gossip Girl" is planning another late season visit by the former youngest Scoobie. (Possible spoilers for current GG developments.)

November 21 2008

Young Simon Tam is the father of Dawn? Not quite...

October 22 2008

Trailer for '17 Again'. Trailer for Dawn and Little Simon's new film. More...

October 01 2008

Non partisan PSA: Don't vote! Here is Michelle Trachtenberg, and I think Amy Adams encouraging you not to vote! More...

September 05 2008

Bid for a shoe designed by Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's all part of Stuart Weitzman's efforts to raise money for research into ovarian cancer. Michelle Trachtenberg has a shoe up for auction as well. Both shoes are signed by the actresses.

May 18 2008

"The Circuit" starring Michelle Trachtenberg airs on ABC Family on June 8th.

April 28 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg on the Set of Gossip Girl. Interview over at More...

April 26 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for Michelle Trachtenberg's debut 'Gossip Girl' episode. Features Michelle as she plays Georgina Sparks, a conniving, mysterious character with a dark secret from Serena's past.

March 21 2008

Nice capshaws...captions for David and Michelle. Pics of "forever hottie, David Boreanaz" and Michelle Trachtenberg. Both looking amazing at star-studded Prada party.

March 19 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg to join Gossip Girl. She is going to play "a troublemaker from Serena's past who makes Blair look about as dangerous as Donna Martin". More...

February 04 2008

Those Buffy cast members that'll be appearing at Paley Fest 2008. "Creator Joss Whedon will be on hand; cast members who have said they will join him so far include Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg". And Seth Green as well.

January 18 2008

Pics of Drew Goddard at the premiere of 'Cloverfield'. It's great to see Mutant Enemy writers doing so well. And in keeping with the Buffyverse connection, Michelle Trachtenberg was also at the premiere. A round up of reviews for the movie can be found over at Metacritic.

December 03 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg to star in '17'. Her fellow actors will include Matthew Perry and Zac Efron (Firefly's Young Simon).

March 29 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg's 'Willow17' 'webcam' entries. Found these after watching Michelle's Law and Order: CI episode "Weeping Willow". The URL was shown in her 'abduction' tape. A nice opportunity to see some of Michelle's acting.

March 08 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg gets lead in ABC pilot. The still untitled comedy project will be set in Washington, DC.

December 20 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green appear in new Fall Out Boy video. Their cameo is very brief, but how often do you get two completely unrelated Buffy alumni in one music video, much less appearing together in a funeral sequence?

November 17 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg's "evolution". MTV/VH1 report about Buffy's kid sister becoming fashion "it" girl.

October 15 2006

I hate everything about this whole night. Michelle Trachtenberg graces 'Go Fug Yourself'.

October 11 2006

Today is the 21st birthday of Michelle Trachtenberg. Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite green ball of energy. Dawnie turns 21 today and is now old enough to drink. Happy Birthday Michelle!

September 19 2006

(SPOILER) Oh Yes. Its Gonna be a very very Black Christmas... New pics are up for the horror remake of 'Black Christmas' starring Michelle Trachtenberg (and believe it or not, yes, the pics feature Michelle Tratchenberg) courtesy of Extremely Minor Spoilers. More...

July 14 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg to voice Tika in the Dragonlance movie. The cast list for the upcoming full-length animated Dragonlance movie has been announced, and features Michelle Trachtenberg as the spunky barmaid, Tika. [Insert your "Dragons of Spring Dawning" joke here.]

April 04 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg on "House" tonight. Buffy's little sis will be Dr. House's latest patient tonight. She'll be a heart transplant recipient who gets a mysterious allergy despite living in a "clean" house.

March 07 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg to guest star on April 4th episode of Fox series House. She'll play a teenage girl who recently had a heart transplant.

January 26 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg to appear in Candie's spring advertising campaign with Hilary Duff, Ciara, and Samaire Armstrong.

January 23 2006

Review of Michelle Trachtenberg's 'Mysterious Skin'. The movie itself gets a mostly positive review, but there's a bit of criticism for Michelle and her "wobbly accent."

January 18 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg is Miami Herald's Guest Diva and answers the question "How does someone develop a self-confidence that seems invincible?".

January 16 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg to star in remake of "Black Christmas". Production will begin later this month in Vancouver.

October 24 2005

Mysterious Skin available on DVD (R1) tomorrow. Gregg Araki's critically acclaimed film. Stars Michelle Trachtenberg.

October 11 2005

Happy 20th Birthday Michelle Trachtenberg.

September 14 2005

Fashion Marches Forward in NYC. As befits her trend-conscious alter ego on BtVS, Michelle Trachtenberg confesses which designer's style makes her feel like a girly-girl. More...

August 17 2005

Mysterious Skin praised by Australian Critics. Controversial movie, co-starring Michelle Trachtenberg was reviewed this evening on the ABC in the critics show 'At the Movies'. More...

August 15 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg and Jewel Staite at Teen People's "Young Hollywood" event.
Joss did call me about appearing in Angel says Trachtenberg. Michelle settles those 'The Girl In Quesion' rumours in the latest Buffy/Angel magazine. And find out what's her personal Buffy highlight (click on the Buffy magazine link to read interview).

August 02 2005

(SPOILER) 'Mysterious Skin' escapes ban. A couple of weeks ago, there was a report that Mysterious Skin could be banned in Australia. It wasn't, and will maintain its R rating. More...

July 25 2005

Trachtenberg Transitions With 'Dive'. An interview with the young actress, regarding her career, and her latest film. Incidentally, the tele-film (co-starring Sean Maher) airs tonight, on Lifetime.

July 22 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg Back on TV. A TV Guide interview interview with Trachtenberg about The Dive from Clausen's Pier, and life after Buffy. More...

July 19 2005

Mysterious Skin film may be banned. Acording to an article on NINEMSN the film starring Michelle Trachtenberg could be banned in Australia. More...

July 10 2005

Mysterious Skin to screen at Melbourne International Film Festival. This film, featuring Michelle Trachtenberg, will screen on 23 and 28 July. More...
'The Dive From Clausen's Pier' Official Site. A site for the tele-film (starring Michelle Trachtenberg and Sean Maher) is now available on the net. More...

May 25 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg and Sean Maher in lifetime movie together. In more ways than one. "The Dive From Clausen's Pier" premieres Monday, July 25 at 9PM.

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May 15 2005

Blockbusters? Who Needs 'Em? Newsweek's movie critics pick this summer's undiscovered gems and Michelle Trachtenberg's new film is among them. ""Mysterious Skin" explores both prepubescent and teen sexuality with an honesty that may make some people uncomfortable, which is a sign of its potency, and a badge of honor."

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May 02 2005

Ice Princess on DVD (R1) in July. Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Ice Princess for 19th July 2005.

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March 20 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg: Rising Star. The AOL Moviefone site recently selected Michelle as a featured up-and-coming actress and posted a video interview/retrospective regarding her career. The streaming clip looks back at her past projects, as well as forwards towards her future plans, and includes commentary from Michelle, herself.

March 06 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg will be a guest on "The View" March 9th. It airs at 11am ET on ABC.

October 28 2004

Cast Addition To 'Odd Girl Out'. Actress Jane Seymour is reportedly signed up for Michelle Trachtenberg's latest independent film. The link provides an excerpt from the script, and states the movie will begin filming soon. More...

October 26 2004

Michelle Trachtenberg Attends 'Carousel of Hope'. MT is listed as one of the many celebrities who attended this annual charity event, which raises funds to help cure juvenile diabetes. In these photos from the event, Michelle and beau Shawn Ashmore are shown attending the gala. More...

October 10 2004

Happy Birthday to Michelle Trachtenberg, birthday for tomorrow or today depending on where you live (Oct. 11th). Many happy returns!

September 19 2004

Video/Interview Regarding 'Mysterious Skin' (Featuring Michelle Trachtenberg). Comments from the director as well as potential distributors of the movie. The RealPlayer version of the interview also features scenes of Michelle's role in the movie... More...

February 13 2004

Michelle Trachtenberg interview. ""I love "Buffy " but I felt like every year, my character got younger as I got older. The scripts even had me speaking grammatically incorrect." (interview on page 11, pdf reader required)

October 10 2003

Happy Birthday to Michelle Trachtenberg. She turns 18 today. Careful, guys. :)

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