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January 27 2014

Cobie Smulders and Michelle Tratchenberg are guests on tonight's 'Hollywood Game Night' on NBC. Hosted by Jane Lynch, Cobie along her husband Taran Killam are guests in the first hour airing at 8pm, and Michelle is among the guests participating in the second hour airing at 9pm. There's a preview picture gallery: here.

April 21 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg remembers high school woes. Former Buffy's little sister had a rough time in high school in real life too: kids were cruel, boys made fun of her and no one asked her out. So she's happy it's over. More...

October 20 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg and Fireflies... Just not that Firefly. MT have signed to star in "The Possibility of Fireflies", which will begin shooting in January.

March 15 2006

Some detailes on Michelle Tratchenberg's role on "Black Christmas" and future projects. "She is an obnoxious and sarcastic sorority girl who provides comedy relief and has a darker side to her than the rest."

October 07 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg joined the cast of Chad Lowe's "Beautiful Ohio". The movie will also star William Hurt, Rita Wilson and Julianna Margulies. More...

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