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March 25 2011

Free showing of Serenity at Traverse City, Michigan tonight. It's at 6.30pm. More...

February 21 2011

'Avengers' filming pulls out of Michigan. It's in reaction to proposed changes to state tax incentives.

September 04 2009

Ann Arbor, Michigan Serenity + Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings this Saturday. Also a non-charity Serenity screening in Washington DC. More...

November 07 2008

Serenity Midnight Screening Saturday Ann Arbor MI. More...

September 20 2007

Can't Stop the Serenity Charity Screening Ann Arbor, MI Sat & Sun. Why stop at raising $113,320.87 for charity in 2007? And Atlanta, Georgia on the 30th! Also you can read the "What Are The Plans For CSTS 2008". More...

August 22 2007

Serenity on the Big Darn Screen this weekend. Lucky Michigan Browncoats get to celebrate the release of Serenity Collector's Edition with two midnight screenings. More...

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