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January 29 2015

Cortex app, for Firefly Online, goes live today. The official companion app for the mmo game from QMx is live today. More...

January 12 2012

The inside story of what happened to the Buffy and Firefly MMO developer. A fascinating read about the closure of Multiverse. And if you're wondering about the Buffy and Firefly games, the rights have reverted back to 20th Century Fox.

December 04 2009

Felicia Day lends her voice to Guild Wars 2. Trailer for the game at Kotaku. More...

September 04 2008

Multiverse's Corey Bridges speaks about the new Buffy MMO. Also includes more on the unfortunate news that the Firefly MMOG development is being delayed.

January 24 2007

Beta version of the Firefly online game ready for 2008? That's what Corey Bridges at Multiverse is hoping for.

December 07 2006

Firefly Reborn as Online Universe. Wired is reporting that we will be getting more Firefly in the form of an authorized MMORPG. (Think Star Wars Galaxies, Eve Online, World of Warcraft).

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