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August 01 2012

Simon Helberg on the Dr Horrible sequel. Short clip of Moist himself talking some Dr Horrible at Comic-Con.

January 21 2011

Simon Helberg stars in the LATW production "Doctor Cerberus". The radio play is now available for online listening from the L.A. Theatre Works site.

September 07 2010

Simon Helberg joins Twitter. Nobody wants to be Moist, but everybody wants to follow him. (Confirmed by a tweet from Maurissa.)

July 09 2010

Simon Helberg (Moist) stars in L.A. Theatreworks' "Dr. Cerberus". Mr. Helberg toplines one of L.A. Theatreworks' live radio plays. From the description, it sounds like a horror comedy. There's an alternating photo of Mr. Helberg and a costar on the main LATW page.

June 25 2010

Simon Helberg stars in the LATW production of Doctor Cerberus. Live in LA, July 14-18, 2010. As part of The Play's The Thing, which is a live in-performance radio theatre series. L.A. Theatre Works, make theatre easily accessible to audiences through it's radio performance on public radio stations.

September 19 2009

Simon Helberg aka Moist on the Dr Horrible sequel. He reckons that it could indeed be a movie.

December 03 2008

New Moist comic is now online at MySpace Dark Horse Presents.
Zack Whedon talks Moist. Find out about the secret origin of Dr. Horrible's henchman.

August 29 2008

Dr. Horrible Sings Again, Gets Moist. Doc-ish news on the soundtrack release date and more moist comics, which is so hard. And moist.

July 28 2008

Fake Thomas Jefferson is pointless. Joss reveals his plans for more Dr. Horrible comic strips. Elsewhere on the MTV website, Neil and Joss say more about the DVD and what could feature in the sequel.

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