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June 16 2008

The Franchise-Premise Differentiation. A fascinating examination by Michael Cassut of why he thinks Moonlight, and attempts to revive it, failed. For examples in his analysis, he mentions Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse and Joss Whedon, among other programs, personalities and concepts.

December 07 2007

So he moved to L.A. where he continues to brood, snark, and occasionally vamp out. "It was never going to work out between him and his tiny blonde girlfriend..." A little Friday afternoon fun. More...

November 09 2007

Angel vs Mick St John. TV Squad pits Angel against Moonlight's Mick St John. Who wins?

October 05 2007

Buffy's Mixed Legacy: Reaper (Yay!) and Moonlight (Boo!). "This fall season, two shows in particular are borrowing heavily from the 'Buffy' franchise." More...

July 26 2007

David Greenwalt exits 'Moonlight'. According to E!, he is no longer attached to the show.

July 21 2007

(SPOILER) David Greenwalt talks 'Moonlight'. Inevitably Angel comes up in this audio interview but the premise of Moonlight is intriguing and David's very enthused for his new show.

July 18 2007

David Greenwalt on why 'Moonlight' is no 'Angel'. For one, it doesn't have the word 'Angel' in its title.

June 26 2007

TV Week previews pilots for the fall season. Includes a three-minute clip of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a 40-second preview for Moonlight. More...

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