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July 07 2009

James Marsters in "Moonshot": U.S. premiere date set for July 20 on History Channel. James Marsters plays Buzz Aldrin in Moonshot, a two-hour television movie about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. More...

April 02 2009

James Marsters still up for a Spike spinoff. James talks Spike and two of his current projects, Moonshot and High Plains Invaders. More...

July 09 2008

First Look at James Marsters in Moonshot. Dangerous Films official site has the first glimpses of James Marsters as Buzz Aldrin. More...

May 21 2008

James Marsters to star in "Moonshot". A drama about the days leading to the Apollo 11 launch to the moon. James will portray astronaut Buzz Aldrin. It will air on the History Channel and ITV in 2009.

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