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"I was able to examine the body while police were taking witness arias."
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October 22 2014

SMG says no to another Buffy role. When asked if she'd consider coming back to reprise her role as Buffy, the retired Slayer says "nay," unless her walker was a stake.

April 23 2013

Chrissy Amphlett dies: Singer of Divinyls, 'I Touch Myself,' was 53. Chrissy Amphlett, singer of the Divinyls, covered the song "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" on the 1992 Buffy movie soundtrack. More...

November 21 2012

Geek Nation talks with Amber Benson about her new film, Dust Up. Amber and Ward Roberts discuss the film on Five by Five. More...

February 25 2012

(SPOILER) MovieHole's exclusive look at "In Your Eyes". "There's something crafty simmering away in Whedon's screenplay - something "best episodes of Buffy" brilliant about it." Big spoilers for the movie's premise and plot.

June 08 2011

Eliza Dushku and others talk about "Batman: Year One" animated movie. Eliza Dushku has been cast as Selina Kyle in the new animated Batman movie adapted from the acclaimed classic Frank Miller comic book, and she can here be seen talking about the character and movie. Or so I've been told. ETA: It looks like the video has been removed due to copyright reasons.

May 12 2011

Book & Wash meet Sulu & Worf. (NSFW) Promo video for animated film "Strange Frame: Love & Sax" features Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk, George Takei, and Michael Dorn, as well as Juliet Landau, Claudia Black, Claudia Christian, and Tim Curry. More...

November 23 2010

Emma Caulfield's Lifetime Movie, "In Her Mother's Footsteps" available for limited time on Hulu. This movie originally aired in 2006 and is available for a couple more days on hHlu (sorry all non-American readers). More...

November 22 2010

The Joss-man sighs audibly at news of Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie reboot. His email exchange with Kristin Dos Santos is filled with class and a note of bitterness. We sigh along.

July 14 2010

Adam Baldwin as a psychiatrist in In/Sight. Today Aaron Ginsburg (@DrLawyerCop on Twitter, currently writing for The Good Guys) revealed some of the cast for In/Sight, a new movie he wrote with Wade McIntyre currently in postproduction. The linked tweet includes a twitpic to a great photo of Mr Baldwin. More...

July 01 2010

The Art of Drew Struzan book coming in September. Will include previously unseen poster concept for Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. More...

April 18 2010

A fan's point of view on Joss directing The Avengers. As seen on YouTube.

March 19 2010

Neil Patrick Harris thinks the Dr. Horrible sequel will be on the big screen. NPH speculates on the future of Dr. Horrible: "I don't know what their plans are, but I don't think it will be on the Internet."

March 05 2010

Trailer out for 'Beastly' with Neil Patrick Harris. The movie based on the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' will be in theaters July 30, 2010.

September 28 2009

Lifetime greenlights 'Deadly Honeymoon'. Summer Glau to star in a Lifetime movie inspired by a true story.

June 25 2009

Movie adaptation of web series Girltrash! is in the works. It will star the original cast, which included Amber Benson as a Russian hooker/mistress.

June 11 2009

Three Months of Serenity. The Sci-Fi Channel will be showing Serenity in June, July, and August. The June Airdate is this Saturday. If you can't attend a CSTS screening, permaybehaps this would make a good substitute. Throw a Shindig, and send an envelope with Cashy-money to Equality Now or CSTS-central. (Sorry, I don't have the addresses at hand.)

May 27 2009

Now, The case for a Buffy movie without Joss. Graeme McMillan of io9 responds to the widespread disapproval towards remaking "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" without Joss Whedon. He gives several reasons why such a movie may not be a bad idea. More...

May 26 2009

Joss speaks out on Whedonless Buffy movie! It's not a lot but it's all we got so far.

May 25 2009

Buffy Movie: Vertigo Entertainment and the Kuzuis in talks to do a Buffy feature film. The catch... It'll be a reboot and there'll be no Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joss, Willow, Xander, Giles et al. Reaction to this news can be found over at Entertainment Weekly, Aint It Cool,, Empire, E! Online, Perez Hilton, the New York Post, Metafilter and countless other sites. Ausiello has a reaction from Joss.

May 05 2009

Whedon Week at CC2K - The Lost Script For Alien: Resurrection. CinCity2000 digs up Whedon's shooting script for Alien:Resurrection and compares it to the filmed version. More...

January 30 2009

IGN's Top 10 Anticipated TV-to-Film Adaptions. Our favourite slayer ranks pretty highly on IGN's list of most wanted movie adaptions. More...

December 07 2008

Buffy: Where Are They Now? Based on the current "rumours" of a Buffy movie, Digital Spy looks at what the cast have been up to since the show ended.

September 08 2008

Did Dane Cook Steal Plot from one of David Boreanaz's movies? A Hollywood gossip site called Defamer seems to think so. It compares the trailer to Dane Cook's latest movie, "My Best Friend's Girl", to "Mr. Fix-It", a movie David did a few years ago that went to cable and DVD. Both feature a guy who deliberately has terrible dates with women so that they go back to their respective boyfriends. More...

August 20 2008

Stargate Atlantis canceled. Jewel Staite joined as a full time cast member this season after being a recurring guest in season 4. Now the show's been canceled but there will be Atlantis movies.

June 06 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg takes the wheel in ABC Family movie this Sunday. Buffy's sis is moving from Gossip Girl to stock car racing in The Circuit, which airs Sunday at 8 PM East and West. She's an up-and-coming racer who's dealing with her dad, whose career is fading, and a boyfriend who happens to also be a rival. The article explains how she got used to racing although she admits she doesn't like to battle the freeways. More...

April 15 2008

Kiss the Bride - Trailer and stills, includes Amber Benson. Movie synopsis, trailer, and production stills. Amber, as ever, looks amazing.

January 22 2008

SMG on Buffy as a movie. Saying the original movie didn't work because "the story was better told over a long arc", SMG goes on to say: "You show me a script; you show me that it works, and you show me that [the] audience can accept that, [and] I'd probably be there."

December 18 2007

"Waitress" script available at FOX Searchlight. As part of the push for award recognition, FOX Searchlight has posted the scripts for several of their movies for free download, including "Waitress."

December 16 2007

New Official 'The Air I Breathe' Trailer. The newest trailer for SMG's (SMP?) latest film, The Air I Breathe. More...

November 29 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Alice" starts production for a July 2008 release. Sarah's film that has been through production hell finally gets a release date.

June 24 2007

Pics from the set of Nick Brendon's new movie 'Portal'. posts photos from the set and there's a nice picture of Nicky and Michael there. You can also read the nice things Muhney had to say about Nick in rack_of_lamb.

April 05 2007

"Southland Tales" news! Finally an update on SMG's new flick! An update on Sarah Michelle Gellar's highly anticipated movie! Its almost done, people!!

October 15 2006

Rate the original Buffy movie @ The Daily Movie! LiveJournal users can give Fran Rubel Kuzui's film a rating from 1 to 10.

October 04 2006

"I Will Never Stop Believing". Following a lot of speculation about Joss' recent comments about there not being a Serenity sequel in the works, widely misinterpreted as meaning there will not be a sequel, Browncoat and design virtuoso Adam Levermore-Rich felt compelled to make a T-shirt (and related stuff) declaring that "I Will Never Stop Believing"!

October 02 2006

Eliza Dushku's "Last Supper" trailer now up. The film was screened this weekend at the San Diego Film Festival (link opens Quicktime file). More...

September 26 2006

Eliza Dushku to headline new horror movie "Mamba". It is an English-language teen-thriller filmed in Spain. More...

August 22 2006

(SPOILER) Composer for Eliza Dushku's movie "On Broadway" talks about the movie. They needed everything to be finished so they could enter it in the Sundance Film Festival in September. More...

July 25 2006

Christian Kane's "Walks The Streets". Our little Texan has a movie coming up. Looks familiar too. More...

April 20 2006

Eliza Apparently Cast In Theo Avgerinos's "Zoe," along with James Van Der Beek. The movie is still being cast. It will shoot in Montreal. More...

March 23 2006

Universal UK announce legal movie download service - with Serenity and King Kong. In a fairly groundbreaking industry move (which is basically expensive to the point nobody will use it), you'll be able to download some of the best movies of the year from April 10.

November 08 2005

Exclusive one-time screening of Serenity in Singapore. For all you Singaporeans who despaired of ever watching the movie on big screen, here's your chance. There's a related article about why UIP only decided to have a test screening in Singapore at The Electric New Paper.

October 10 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity: A Story Analysis. Something a little different and a brief respite from the tsunami of movie reviews and box office scrutiny following the Serenity's release. More...
Serenity Giveaway Winners Announced. Follow-up of Jerry Gordon's very generous project idea to give back to fellow Browncoats who supported the BDM. More...

October 02 2005

Officially 60,000 members over at the browncoat website. We may be at #2, but we officially have 60,000 members to back us up over at the other Big Damn Board. More...

September 22 2005

(SPOILER) A Serenity Trailer Review. Another non-fan perspective on Serenity. More...

August 24 2005

The Sun Reports Tim Minear's Possible Involvement in Spike TV Movie. "The Sun Says" that "according to fansite Whedonesque," Tim Minear had lunch with Joss and agreed to write and direct "some blonde vampire movie thing."

August 19 2005

(SPOILER) Screenwriter Carl Ellsworth's Red Eye premieres today! Carl Ellsworth was the writer responsible for some of episode 2.06 "Halloween". More...

August 15 2005

Want More Spike? corresponded with "Support Spike" to talk about the efforts of the Spike fans.

July 16 2005

Convention report from the Bones Panel at Comic-Con. Apparently David Boreanaz is interested in a movie! More...

July 10 2005

Mysterious Skin to screen at Melbourne International Film Festival. This film, featuring Michelle Trachtenberg, will screen on 23 and 28 July. More...

August 19 2004

Alexis Denisof rumored as Joker for a Batman movie?? Latino Review reports Alexis being one of the possible contenders for the role of Joker on a Batman Begins sequel.

September 05 2003

An early version of the Buffy movie script. Read what Joss Whedon originally wrote. More...

January 24 2003

"Darkness Falls... on it's Face," says one critic. Very little praise has amounted from Emma Caulfield's latest movie, "Darkness Falls." More...

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