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July 07 2013

Much Ado close to reaching $3 million. Joss Whedon's take on Shakespeare earned about $472 thousand this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo, keeping it in the top 20 overall. In its fifth week of release, it's earned $2,997,000 in the US, and more than $335,000 in the UK. More...

April 16 2011

Buffy among Salon's best remakes of all time. Salon television critic Matt Zoller Seitz looks at the greatest remakes of tv shows and movies and includes our favorite slayer in the list. More...

August 07 2009

Five Movies in Desperate Need of a Sequel. Coutesy of dmc from the UniversalHD Boards. This is a nice little article from the Seattle Times that lists five good choices. Can you guess which film made #1 on the list? More...

May 17 2009

(SPOILER) New trailer for SMG's "Veronika Decides To Die". It's on the official movie website.

September 15 2008

Where are the super-heroine movies? Why the film industry "can't get it together to make a Wonder Woman flick? Or any true superheroine movie at all?" More...

October 24 2007

Trailer for Repo! The Genetic Opera! The official trailer (the movie stars Tony Head) has been released. It's of better quality than the version that leaked online a few days ago. More...

August 17 2007

IGN declares Buffy as the best movie-to-tv transition. In one of many IGN top 10 lists, Buffy is on top, even beating Mash. UPDATE. UGO declares Buffy the #1 show of all time, while Firefly is at #11. More...

December 05 2006

Sarah's movie "A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing" has new title, new pics, and a release date. The movie is titled Suburban Girl (release date in June), and there are some neat new stills of the movie at the site linked too. Also, news on Happily Never After, Southland Tales, and The Air I Breathe. Apparently, SMG will be in every movie made in 2007, and to borrow a line from Seinfeld, not that there is anything wrong with that. More...

October 21 2006

Patronage would improve films. Article about the difficulties of making great movies (and TV series) in the bottom-line era. Great Firefly mention. More...

July 31 2006

Test Your Knowledge of TV Shows Made Into Movies. Question 2 is one to which we all know the answer - or should if we're on this website.

March 09 2006

The top 6 best Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies from TV shows. Serenity stands alongside such luminaries as Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and The Muppet Movie in this list that highlights the top movies that come from genre shows.

February 28 2006

Forget Film, Games do Sci-Fi best. An article in Wired online suggest that Sci-Fi games are now more creative than most movies being created today. More...

September 14 2005

Serenity number 1 on Box Office Prophets 25 of Fall 2005. Box Office Prophets rates Serenity number one on it's list of the "25 most anticipated films debuting after Labor Day through October." More...

July 10 2005

Night Watch Movie - "Although ostensibly a story about lycanthropes & vampires in Moscow, the movie's real focus is the co-existence & balance between the forces of good & evil." BtVS mention. More...

June 25 2005

Big Damn Heroes: A Quest for Serenity. A video of two Browncoats in their search for tickets to the Portland Serenity screening on June 23rd. Also, check out this photo gallery of the event. The costume pics are a special treat.

March 12 2004

Review of 'Latter Days' which has Amber Benson in it. Amber plays a character called Traci, a friend of one of the film's main characters.

November 12 2003

Emma Caulfield to star in ABC Family movie. She'll be appearing alongside Jason Priestly and Bradley Cooper from 'Alias' in a film about a reality TV show. More...

July 30 2003

Photos of Marc Blucas on the Set of 'First Daughter.' "The daughter of the President of the United States goes off to college after insisting that she be able to enjoy her school years without the omnipresence of the Secret Service. The government agrees to her demands but assigns a young agent to go undercover as a student in order to keep an eye on her. Romance blossoms - until she learns his true identity."

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