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January 23 2009

"Once More With Feeling" one of Amazon's Friday Five Deals. is featuring "the original cast recording from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical" as one of its weekly mp3 albums for $5.00 specials. Unfortunately, it's most likely only available to US customers.

September 29 2008

Dr Horrible Soundtrack now on Amazon MP3. If for some reason you can't play AAC files, it is in MP3 format. Duh. More...

September 16 2008

Get "Exposition Song" from "Restless" on A new extended version offered as a special separate bonus track to the recently released BtVS score album. And the best part? You can have it for free! More...

May 03 2006

The Alan & Ron Serenity Talk Show (Dead Men Talking, 28mb mp3). Ron Glass & Alan Tudyk were recently seen at Collectormania 9 in Milton Keynes (UK) and they did a 28 minute talk about life after (screen)death and other things. Want to hear it? Check out the shared link. More...

April 27 2006

GeekIntertainment's Buffy Season 5: part 1 BuffCast is now Online. "An overly optimistic look at Season 5. We discuss the first 12 episodes of season 5, complete with a breakdown of how the characters progressed, and which episodes we thought were the best (No Brainer: Fool for Love!)"

April 16 2006

Part 2 of The Angel Season 1 GeekIntertainment AngelCast is Now Online. The second part of GeekIntertainment's AngelCast is now online for you all to download with a new format for downloading as well.

October 07 2005

(SPOILER) GeekiNtertainment's Serenity Review. GeekiNtertainment gives us their special review of Serenity in their podcast. BEWARE! Full of spoilers.

October 05 2005

The Signal #13 is now available for download. (mp3) (Direct link because the URL on the site is wrong and will not be fixed until tomorrow.) Features include: Keith DeCandido Interview, Book's First Name, Spamalot and spacewalk music from Bushwhacked. More...

September 29 2005

All together now: 'I'm going to see Serenity'. Dan Sehane, a songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is so excited about going to see Serenity he recorded a song about it with his band. Free to download or stream. More...

September 23 2005

Buffy Buffcast Season 2. GeekIntertainment's second Buffcast is up and ready for download. the second Buffcast will about season 2. The best season of Buffy ever, at least in my opinion.

September 13 2005

(SPOILER) Joss 'off to play the grand piano' Whedon talks to ABC local radio in Sydney. A twenty minute chat with Sarah MacDonald, handily provided by the broadcaster as an mp3 file. More...

September 11 2005

(SPOILER) RealAudio clip of Joss' interview on Australia's Radio National on Sept 12th, 2005. Poor Joss sounds very tired, but still gives good interview! Check his Australian Media Itinerary for more things to listen and watch.

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