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November 25 2014

Nicholas Brendon on Faking It tonight. Nicholas Brendon's Episode of "Faking It" is airing tonight on MTV. More...

August 19 2014

Alexis Denisof's current show "Finding Carter" renewed for season 2. MTV has renewed his show for a 12-episode sophomore season.

December 20 2013

How Steven S. DeKnight got his first professional writing job on MTV's Undressed. With added bonus J. August Richards. More...

April 14 2013

The Avengers wins the MTV Award for Movie of the Year! Congrats to Joss for taking home the golden popcorn for movie of the year. Avengers also won for Best Fight and Tom Hiddleston won for Best Villain.

July 25 2012

15 stars who (nearly) showed their naughty bits on MTV's "Undressed". Four Whedon actors make the list.

June 22 2012

In honor of his 48th birthday, former Joss coworkers discuss the man with MTV. Specifically, Tim Minear talks about how working under Joss is different from other TV showrunners, and Sean Maher marvels at the man's genius.

December 09 2009

Buffy syndication gears up in the US. Buffy reruns coming to LOGO and MTV January 2010.

October 09 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza talks with MTV about Dollhouse. Don't think that it's too spoilery but spoilphobes might still wanna stay away. There's also a video interview with her over at the New York Post site. More...

October 06 2009

Eliza wants your questions! MTV and EW's Pop Candy will be interviewing Eliza tomorrow and they want you to send in some questions.

August 23 2007

MTV interviews Brian K Vaughan. This interview covers Y The Last Man and Ex Machina heading to the big screen. Also Buffy, Runaways and his work on Lost. Plus, interview snippets with Amber Benson and Joss (both interview clips are from a few months ago - the same sessions used here). More...

June 29 2007

Is Harry the New Dead Buffy? A panel of überfans moderated by MTV's Kurt Loder debate Harry Potter's fate in The Deathly Hallows. One panelmember suggests he could choose to die to save the world, just like Buffy. More...

March 23 2006

Clip of Joss Interview from the UK's MTV Screenplay is online. For those of us not living in the UK, you can now watch a video clip online containing a portion of the Joss Whedon interview where he mentions the Spike movie. More...

March 10 2006

Joss Whedon appears on tonight's MTV UK's 'Screenplay'. He'll be talking about the Spike movie. If you're a Brit and like to see Joss on the telly tune in at 7pm. More...

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