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November 05 2015

Christophe Beck discusses his Peanuts movie score. Beck discusses the differences in scoring for animation as opposed to live action, and discusses how to make an orchestral sound appeal to kids who are more used to pop music. More...

June 20 2015

Rock band releases second EP of Firefly-inspired music. The Fallen Stars' Leaves on the Wind collection continues with "No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me". More...

October 10 2013

British band Anavae reference "Amends" in new single. The last verse quotes Travis's speech to Angel in the episode.

August 24 2013

Alana Stone getting married - let's give her a gift. Alana Stone, who was part of the Dollhouse wardrobe dept, is getting married today. To celebrate, I think we should all head over to iTunes, Amazon, or your favorite (legal) music source and pick up a copy of her album Burn. The "Gimme A Geek" song is brilliant. Congratulations, Alana!

June 24 2013

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, for String Quartet. Four talented young ladies (fans, I assume) interpret the entire soundtrack to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on their string instruments. Personally I think it sounds great.

May 18 2012

The Washington University Pops Orchestra plays a Dr. Horrible medley! A little bit rough in places, but still very nifty and definitely worth checking out.

December 16 2011

New Greg Edmonson interview. Brand new interview with the composer, covering "Firefly", "Uncharted", his early career, and more.

November 22 2011

Miracle Laurie shares her favorite music videos. Dollhouse's Mellie gave a list to with reasons she likes each video. It's a very entertaining read!

November 04 2011

Alan Silvestri signed to score "The Avengers". Confirmed. Sorry, David Newman, Carter Burwell. More...

September 27 2011

Adam Warrock's "The Browncoats Mixtape" is now available. Released earlier today, and available for free online, the album features 10 songs about our favorite crew.

July 12 2011

Amazing Firefly Inspired Album by Adam Warrock. Adam Warrock, one of the hottest nerdcore MC's on the interwebs is working on an entire album inspired by Firefly. More...

May 17 2011

"What Would Buffy Do?" music video. A new Buffy inspired YouTube music video. Pretty neat I'd say.

December 21 2010

Christian Kane tops Billboard's Heatseaker Album chart . The chart is based on the week's top-selling albums by new acts, defined as those who have never appeared on any other of the Billboard charts. Titles are ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan. More...

November 23 2010

Christian Kane Finds Truth in Country Music. In an article on, Christian Kane discusses his music, his fans, and his career.

September 01 2010

Going to Dragon*Con? Don't miss Marian Call. After years of requests, Marian Call is coming to Dragon*Con! The 'verse's favorite songstress (she of the "Got to Fly" CD, featuring songs inspired by Firefly and BSG) will be performing this Friday night at The Warehouse Therapy Band Space in Atlanta. Come one, come all! Information at her website, tickets on sale now.

August 19 2010

Listen to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme slowed down 800%. Following the heels of the Justin Bieber song that was slowed down 800% so are some of our favorite sci-fi/fantasy tracks, including the Buffy Theme.

July 28 2010

Alana Stone Releases her "Burn" Album. Alana Stone (everyone's favorite Dollhouse wardrobe minion and geeky singer/songwriter) has just released her new album, including her catchy "Gimme a Geek" song. More...

June 18 2010

Dollhouse Composer Rob Simonsen Uploaded Another Score Piece To His Myspace Profile. It's called "Taking Down Rossum". In related news, Jed tweeted that he aims to release an album next month, which is supposed to include his song "Drones" from the Dollhouse season two episode "Belonging".

May 25 2010

Rob Simonsen, Dollhouse composer, adds one instrumental piece to his Myspace. It's called "Do You Trust Me". More...

March 25 2010

Official site for Buffy/Angel composer Christophe Beck launches. Sound clips, news, and more. More...

September 11 2009

Joel Grey among the guests of 'An Evening with Gavin Friday and Friends'. Joel Grey (Doc in Forever, The Weight of the World, and The Gift) will be performing alongside Gavin Friday and Friends at Carnegie Hall this Fall. More...

July 02 2009

GeekSix posts their top five Firefly inspired songs. Sitting at the top? Our very own Jayne Cobb.

May 15 2009

Introducing Andrea Von Foester, Music Supervisor for Dollhouse.'s guest-blogger steps in to talk about her involvement with Dollhouse's eclectic soundtrack.

February 15 2009

What was that song in that scene in that episode of Dollhouse? If you're looking for a scene-specific, comprehensive list of the music used in Dollhouse, your search stops here. More...

January 21 2009

Composer for "Dollhouse". Rob Simonsen, whose previous credits include doing additional score on such films as "Surf's Up" and "Stone of Destiny" for film composer Mychael Danna and scoring at least a dozen projects himself, has listed on his site that he is the composer for "Dollhouse". More...

December 12 2008

Angel musical score extracts. Angel score co-composer Douglas Romayne has some extracts from his work on Angel (and one from Buffy) on his Website. Look under Supernatural/Horror and Thriller/Suspense. More...

December 08 2008

End Credits Score is Posted. Moses Lei has posted the score for his transcription of the Dr. Horrible End Credits. More...

December 05 2008

Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion cameo in music video parody. The Dan Band, with help from celebrities, delivers a message to the world through song: "Please Don't Bomb Nobody This Holiday" More...

November 24 2008

Marian Call's "Got to Fly" CD now available. If you couldn't get to Creation to hear Marian Call performing songs from her new Firefly-and-BSG-inspired CD "Got to Fly," you can now order it from QMx. Limited to 1,000 copies, signed and numbered by Marian Call. Electonic versions will be available later on. More...

November 02 2008

Two more Dr. Horrible songs transcribed. Moses Lei has transcribed two more songs from Dr. Horrible. More...

October 09 2008

Throw a little Summer in the mix. Fansong about Summer Glau on More...

June 10 2008

Guardian TV critic demands musical episodes of more series and puts Once More With Feeling up as the exemplar of the genre.

November 10 2007

Greg Edmonson's Music from "Uncharted". Firefly soundtrack composer Greg Edmonson makes "Uncharted" music available for download. More...

September 25 2007

Smallville Teaser Ad uses very familiar music. Buffy fans will recognize the background music in this commercial. More...

September 09 2007

Message from James Marsters on his official sites. James posts a message of thanks to fans who attended Dragoncon. More...

June 27 2007

Christian Kane and Steve Carlson video tour of their Barfly tour in the UK. As a way of saying Thank You to the fans that showed up on their latest tour of England, the boys put together a video of their life on the road during the tour.

May 26 2007

New website for Adam Busch's band Common Rotation. Common Rotation's new website is now live. More...

May 02 2007

Kane Rocks the UK in June on the Barfly Tour. Christian Kane has just announced acoustical concert dates for June 4-10 in the UK tickets go on sale this Friday.

March 17 2007

Firefly Music Book is available. I'm a bit late posting about it, but Greg Edmonson's book of Firefly Sheet Music has been released earlier than expected. If you know anyone who plays piano, or would like a truly unique Firefly Collectible, well.... I'm just sayin'....

February 23 2007

Greg Edmonson Backup Bash interview at Firefly Talk. Greg talks about the Backup Bash and a little about the soon-to-be-released Firefly sheet music. The latest podcast, FFT #46, contains the first part of the interview, with more coming in the next few podcasts.

February 09 2007

Veronica Mars musician wants to work with Joss. Musician Stephen Ashbrook dreams of writing for a Joss production. More...

January 25 2007

They Shoot, He Scores. Interview with Shawn Clement talking about his life and work, including how he got his job on Buffy. "When a friend, actor Anthony Stewart auditioned for the role of Giles," he gave the producers a copy of Clement's "Savage Dragon" demo."

December 22 2006

"Songs From The Black", an album of Firefly/Serenity music from the Signal podcast. With music from the Signals' past two seasons, including songs by the Firefly Music Project, Michelle Dockrey, Greg Edmonson, and more.

December 15 2006

Rasputina gets 'Framed.' The Buffy soundtrack band (Drusilla's fave, we can assume) is immortalized in Greensboro, NC web-comic artist Chris Lowrance's monthly strip. More...

December 03 2006

Christian Kane News on a new album, film making the circuit, and a new tee. He has had a busy year so far and it looks like he is not slowing down in '07. His band, Kane, is busy recording an album, the film he co-stars in, "Four Sheets to the Wind", has just been accepted at 2007 Sundance Film Festival. More...

December 01 2006

KTCU Blender show's Whedon-verse playlist. I thought the Blender did a great job with the Whedon-centric music before the Joss interview last Sunday. If you missed the beginning of the show or just who sang that one song, Meg and Celeste's playlist is now posted. More...

September 25 2006

KANE music banner contest & pictures wanted. Christian Kane's band KANE is having a contest where they are asking their fans to make banners for their various websites. More...

September 21 2006

Willow got her own song by Thies Mynther and Dirk von Lowtzow - two German Musicians working together as Phantom Ghost. More...

August 15 2006

(SPOILER) Details on Eliza Dushku's "Noble Son" given by the movie's composer. Watch for a theatrical release this fall. More...

August 07 2006

"Ballad of Serenity" appears in an story in this morning's "Morning Edition" on NPR. In an piece on tabulature, two interviewees are heard learning how to play "Ballad of Serenity" from Tabulature. More...

June 28 2006

Review of Christophe Beck's score for The Sentinel. Fans of the BtVS/AtS composer's work may be intrigued by this new release, which "often plays like a 'chillout' CD".

June 01 2006

Doctor Who and Firefly. Episode 10 of the Signal has been released, and contains: Sci-Fi Review (Doctor Who); Dance in Firefly; Music Section (River); Television's Changing Landscape; The Novelization Didn't do the Job; Tricks from the Training House; and The Firefly Technical Manual. More...

May 03 2006

"The Final Fight" used in One Tree Hill promo. It seems that the WB has excerpted parts from Robert Duncan's "The Final Fight" in the promo for the finale of One Tree Hill. More...

March 25 2006

Kane goes acoustic in London and sells out in less than a day. May 15, 2006 at the Troubadour and it was more like they sold out less than 16 hours after the tickets were announced. They are looking into adding another date (May 16th). More...

December 24 2005

Greg Edmonson audio interview, part 1 in Firefly Talk #10 podcast. Very touching, over 30 minutes of interview.

November 17 2005

Kane at the Roxy in LA Dec 9th. More info coming soon about tickets for Christian Kane's band Kane playing a concert on Friday Dec 9th.

October 05 2005

Pre-order Firefly soundtrack at This is a Whedonesque Amazon Associates link. If you click on it and end up ordering something at Amazon, we will receive a percentage. We don't usually post associate links, but it's a special occasion... More...

October 01 2005

Christian Kane's Acoustic Live In London - Available for pre-order now. The CD available at the live shows over the summer is now being released to the public on Oct 14, 2005. This is the recording of the live performance held at a convention in London from last Halloween.

September 10 2005

Composer David Newman will talk about Serenity to journalist Daniel Schweiger, host of a new internet music radio show called On the Score. Newman is his first guest and you'll be able to tune in to the interview at on Monday, September 12.

August 30 2005

Charisma and Seth relate their greatest concert experience at's 'Tribute to the Greatest Concerts'. Windows media required.

July 27 2005

Firefly Soundtrack - Your help needed NOW. We are at a critical juncture in the campaign to get a soundtrack from the Firefly series released. Please help with an email to Fox to help them understand how big the market is for this. More...

July 17 2005

(SPOILER) SERENITY soundtrack samples on UK Cantstopthesignal site. Hear 4 clips from the movie score. More...

July 08 2005

Christian Kane releases a limited edition Live Acoustic Performance CD. Christian Kane along with Steve Carlson while at a con in London last October put on an acoustic performance. The concert was recorded, and will be available to buy at their live events this year. More...

March 15 2005

James Marsters 'Civilized Man' Available for Order. You can pre-order now. Album available April 15th. There will also be an exclusive European variant album cover available for his UK tour.

November 04 2004

Angel's Lindsey rocks London. BBC Cult reviews Christian Kane's musical duo, Kane. Curious to know what they sound like? Then go here to listen to some of their songs.

March 02 2004

Buffyverse Music Video Database "...a searchable compendium of information about and links to online music videos based on the shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel." More...

January 02 2004

Robert Duncan interview. The Buffy season 7 composer tells what it is was like working on the show. And remember you can download his Buffy scores at

December 21 2003

Buffy up for music accolade. 'Once More With Feeling' is in the running to be named the greatest musical of all time. More...

July 08 2003

George Sarah voted best electronic artist in L.A. by readers of L.A. Alternative Press. More...

January 25 2003

'Buffy' vamp Marsters sinks teeth into rock Let's face it, James Marsters looks like a rock star. An article chronicling the recently formed Ghost of the Robot. More...

August 05 2002

Rounder Records & OMWF soundtrack. Looks like it's here! Rounder Records lists the "Once More with Feeling" soundtrack as an "upcoming release," but you can actually order it now and it's supposed to ship within a week. Let's test it.

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