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June 06 2017

Tiny Fences makes a musical review of Once More With Feeling. Buffy podcast releases the very special "607: Tiny Fences: The Musical!" with all original music. More...

February 07 2014

(SPOILER) Knights of Badassdom is a sweet, gory tale of geek social life. io9's Annalee Newitz gives an in-depth analysis of what to expect from the long-awaited LARPing musical horror comedy. More...

November 27 2013

Joss visits the Into the Woods film set. Joss gets a first-hand a look at the the upcoming stage-to-film musical.

June 17 2013

Neil Patrick Harris to star in a Broadway play. As shown by his fantastic turn hosting this year's Tony awards, Neil Patrick Harris belongs on Broadway. In Spring 2014, he returns starring as the transgender Hedwig in the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

January 24 2013

Hypable lists the best and worst musical TV episodes. It's no surprise which episode is the "Big One." More...

October 03 2012

Dr. Horrible - the Anime Musical. What if Dr. Horrible was an Anime Musical?

June 14 2011

"Once More With Feeling" Returns to Comic-Con... and takes Hall H. That's the news from Whedonopolis, the annual presenter of the Buffy musical screening at SDCC, with details to come.

August 13 2010

When Fandoms Collide: Dr. Horrible and A Very Potter Sequel. A fun little mash-up of the Bad Horse Chorus and A Very Potter Musical/Sequel. Spoilers for A Very Potter Sequel if you haven't watched it yet.

June 19 2010

Once More With Feeling in Today's IMDB Poll. Today's IMDB poll asks what musical most deserves a big screen karaoke edition.

April 07 2010

MTV's ADAPT THIS asks for Sugarshock the Animated Musical. Right? Right?!!! So do I. More...

January 12 2010

Musical number from "How I Met Your Mother"'s 100th episode. Always fun to see NPH singing and we get a bit of Alyson Hannigan as well.
'Commentary! The Musical': the commentary. Emily Nussbaum comments on 'Dr. Horrible - Commentary! The Musical'. More...

January 08 2010

Commentary! The Musical is now available on iTunes! Apparently it's been out since January 5th. It's also available at iTunes UK, and as well.

September 26 2009

Firefly: The Big Damn Musical. I happened upon this on YouTube and couldn't stop laughing. I don't think it's been posted here, so... what the heck, right? :D More...

July 15 2009

Free Revival Screening of OMWF! The El Cid Lounge is showing the Buffy Musical this Saturday in California, courtesy of Hollywood Outdoor Cinema. More...

April 06 2009

Israeli fans get creative - an original musical about the life and times of... Angel! A new musical from the fans of Joss Whedon's works in Israel is playing this weekend and next week (04/11 and 04/13) in Tel-Aviv. More...

March 10 2009

This musical American life. Following an earlier story about "This American Life: The Stage Show", is reporting that "rumors are circulating that the entire thing may be set to music coordinated by Whedon". More...

January 19 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera with ASH comes out today on DVD and Blu-ray. Can't wait for a Dr. Horrible sequel? Then this Goth Rock Opera starring Anthony Head as the Repo Man might satisfy your evil musical needs for the time being. More...

December 18 2008

Dr. Horrible released today on For those who didn't pre-order, the DVD is still eligible for shipping in time for Christmas. And if you're looking for a review, check out the one by's James Poniewozik. More...

December 05 2008

Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion cameo in music video parody. The Dan Band, with help from celebrities, delivers a message to the world through song: "Please Don't Bomb Nobody This Holiday" More...

August 05 2008

A short talk with Joss Whedon. A TV Squad writer asked Joss a few questions at Comic Con. More...

July 29 2008

Dr. Horrible panel from Comic-Con finally on You Tube. It's in several parts, this being part one. More...

July 13 2008

Megan Gogerty puts out "I Miss Buffy" tribute album. She previously released the "I miss Buffy T.V.S." single; now she's updated it (with electric guitars!) and has a whole rockin' album. More...

September 28 2007

OMWF at the Inwood Theater in Dallas, Texas tonight/tomorrow. Our favorite musical hits D-town tonight and tomorrow. More...

April 19 2007

Arizona Daily Star writes about Buffy Singalongs. Come the fall, Jeff Yanc (Loft program director) is hoping to land a top-secret former "Buffy" actor to appear as a special guest. More...

April 09 2007

Lego and Buffy - what could be better? Not necessarily new but I didn't see these links in the archive. More...

September 09 2006

Buffy the Musical Sing-a-Long in NYC, September 15-16. Looks like the Buffy sing-a-longs that have happened elsewhere are spreading to NYC. The IFC Center in the Village is having two midnight sing-a-longs September 15th and 16th, including goodie bags to participate, a "Buffy-oke" competition, and prizes.

May 17 2006

K. Todd Freeman tours with "Wicked." K. Todd Freeman (Mr. Trick from Season 3 of Buffy) tours with "Wicked", a play telling the story of Oz sympathetic to the Wicked Witch. More...

April 24 2006

Details on third and last prequel book for SMG's "Southland Tales". "Southland Tales Book 3: The Mechanicals" is the third of a series of three prequel graphic novels that will lead readers to the point where the movie will begin. Info on the second book can be found here and on the first book can be found here. Additionally the movie will take part in the competition showings in the 59th Cannes Festival.

April 20 2006

A New York Magazine article compares the new musical "Lestat" to other vampire-related musicals , including OMWF, which definitely receives the most glowing mention.

October 19 2005

Live performance of "Once More with Feeling" halted. 20th Century Fox's attorneys have shut down a planned live performance of the Buffy musical in San Francisco.

December 21 2003

Buffy up for music accolade. 'Once More With Feeling' is in the running to be named the greatest musical of all time. More...

December 16 2003

Once More With Hobbits. Fresh LotR inspired lyrics to the tune of the OMWF songs. With audio clips to follow More...

January 06 2003

Good news for German fans as they will be getting an individual DVD release of Once More With Feeling on February 15th, 2003.

August 05 2002

Rounder Records & OMWF soundtrack. Looks like it's here! Rounder Records lists the "Once More with Feeling" soundtrack as an "upcoming release," but you can actually order it now and it's supposed to ship within a week. Let's test it.

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