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March 17 2015

Mutant Enemy writers room reunion from the Nerdist Writers Panel series. Ben Blacker (of Nerdist) reunites an illustrious team of script writers. More...

August 03 2014

The Mutant Enemy logos that never were (and the shoes that shouldn't have been). Dave Golder reprints a fun article from an old SFX magazine special and points one or two shoe-related errors with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

July 21 2014

"Working at Mutant Enemy is what shaped me more than anything else." Une entrevue avec Tim Minear. English translation at bottom of linked page.

March 20 2012

Is TV paying too much attention to fans? An article about how the web brings audiences and creators closer together talks to Chris Buchanan, one-time president of Mutant Enemy, about "the early beneficiaries of this new online fan-community model".

November 17 2010

(SPOILER) Tim Minear wrote tonight's episode of Terriers. If you love "Out of Gas," "Omega," "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been," and too many other Firefly, Dollhouse and Angel episodes to list, treat yourself to the latest written by the man. (Spoiler tag solely because the article mentions the structure of tonight's episode. It gives away none of the story.) More...

June 01 2010

Whedon writers storm television in Fall 2010. WhedonAge recaps which tv shows the former Mutant Enemy writers are now working on.

January 12 2010

'Mutant Enemy U' - an essay from 'Serenity Found'. It's written by Loni Peristere. He was the visual effects supervisor on Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity. It's a great read and educational too.

December 13 2009

Mashable names Mutant Enemy one of top companies reinventing TV online. The Social Media Guide cites Mutant Enemy as a company "well-positioned" in television's more internet-driven future. More...

November 20 2009

Powers #1 preview... now with dialogue! Remember that mysteriously Joss-like supersomething in the artwork-only preview of this Brian Michael Bendis comic? Now see what he has to say for himself. Possibly NSFW if your boss can read text on your monitor and doesn't like hard cursing.

November 11 2009

On Mutant Enemy And Social Media. Theonetruebix had a theory. More...

July 08 2009

A new clever Mutant Enemy crossword. The puzzle Hub features the fourth Mutant Enemy Crossword and this version seems a tad tricky.

June 15 2009

Mutant Enemy Cross Word #3. The puzzle Hub have put up their third Mutant Enemy Crossword. Enjoy.

June 04 2009

Jeffrey Bell becomes showrunner for 'V'. Variety reports that it's part of his deal with Warner Bros. Television. More...

May 25 2009

Mutant Enemy crossword #2. The Puzzle Hub features a 2nd Mutant Enemy crossword. More...

April 17 2009

The Puzzle Hub features a Mutant Enemy crossword. A simple printable crossword focused mostly on Buffy and Angel. More...

December 09 2008

Jane Espenson Bids Her Gentle Readers Farewell, Not Goodbye. Ms. Espenson regrets to inform us that she has said just about everything she (thinks she) has to say about television writing. More...

January 09 2008

IF magazine exclusive coverage of ME Day Picket at FOX part 3. With quotes from bunches of verse related people and fans as well.

December 10 2007

First march of the Mutant Enemy. Fan documentary of the year.

December 07 2007

Live coverage from the Mutant Enemy day picket line. Fans4Writers has a handy Twitter feed if you want to follow what's going on. And click here to find out how you can win a bag signed by the writers and the actors at the picket line. ETA: Go here for pics. More...

November 24 2007

A Firefly Theme Parody for ME Day. I guess Somebody had to do it: A very catchy ME Day Theme Song, set to "The Ballad Of Serenity". Cute one, too. :)

November 16 2007

Mutant Enemy day at Fox. If you're wondering when the band gets back together, it'll be on Friday Dec 7th. Should be very cool to see all the former Mutant Enemy staffers together on the picket line.

November 08 2006

The fans decide - vote for your favourite Mutant Enemy series. So far it's a victory for Firefly but a late surge for Buffy could still happen. More...

July 13 2006

Warner reveals details for first Justice League Unlimited DVD set. Several episodes features a wide variety of ex-Mutant Enemy shows cast members. Includes 26 episodes from the first 2 Unlimited seasons. On barely related news Warner has also announced details for the release of The OC Season 3 dvd set which featured Morena Baccarin in several episodes and stars Melinda Clarke (Nandi in Firefly). More...

February 04 2006

New Justice League Unlimited episodes bring lots of ME alum voices. Cartoon Network will start airing new episodes in the US in February 11th, 2006.

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September 28 2005

Chris Buchanan speaks! Great behind the scenes interview with the former head of Mutant Enemy. And what's next for Chris after Serenity? Well he's not involved with the Buffyverse movie but "I've got a project with Zoic and Tim Minear that we're really excited about." (minor Serenity casting spoiler in article).

May 23 2004

A Brief History of Mutant Enemy. The first eight years as chronicled by Ocipital. A very interesting read (scroll down to read it).

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