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January 12 2008

Creative Screenwriting covers the strike highlights. The website for the magazine, Creative Screenwriting, covers the major events from Dec.5 to Jan. 4th. Included are Mutant Enemy Day, delivering the pencils and the skywriting at the Rose Bowl, with credit given to BSG fans for the last event.

December 17 2007

First March of the Mutant Enemy, Part 2. The Mutant Enemy Day Documentary concludes, interviewing more folks, including William Mapother (Lost) and Joss Whedon himself. As someone who was there, this video (and the part before it) shows exactly what it felt like to be there that day.

December 12 2007

Interviews with just about everyone (and their mother) from Mutant Enemy Day. The podcast show 'Joss'd' has some cool audio interviews with the actors and the writers. And in related coverage, LAist has a "Mutant Enemy Day" photo essay which features some very pretty people.

December 11 2007

Whedon & Mutant Enemy at The Gates. Comic Book Resources covers Mutant Enemy Day and the issues surrounding the strike. Has a great bit about Joss' son asking him about why he could still write comic books when he's on strike.

December 07 2007

Win a massively autographed Mutant Enemy tote bag. Miss Mutant Enemy Day? Let your voice be heard anyway! A tote bag with the Mutant Enemy logo was signed by nearly every Mutant Enemy writer and actor that showed up to strike, 34 signatures in all. Also several signatures from WGA writers who came to show support. And you can win it! More...

December 06 2007

Help needed for Mutant Enemy Day post picket picnic. To be specific, the fan organisers are looking for "some kind of canopy/tent-thing" due to the likelihood of rain. If you can help in anyway, please let them know. Also food and other supplies are required as well.

November 29 2007

Everything you wanted to know about Mutant Enemy Day. Little bit confused about what's happening on December 7th? Well Fans4Writers has some handy details about where to meet and what to do.

November 25 2007

Midnight 'Serenity' on Mutant Enemy Day. In a bizarre bit of timing, the Nuart Theatre in West LA is showing Serenity at 11:55 PM on December 7 -- the night of the day of the Mutant Enemy picket line at FOX. Link goes to general ticket page, so you'll have to set the dropdown to select the date.

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