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December 11 2012

'Buffy: The Making of a Slayer' is released today in the U.S.. Written by Nancy Holder, the book is "the first authorized, fully illustrated retrospective of the hit show".

November 21 2012

Interview with Nancy Holder about her new book "Buffy: The Making of a Slayer." The book examines the making of "Buffy," its themes, its impact and more - the interview covers a lot of ground. And Nancy will be doing a book signing at Dark Delicacies, Burbank CA on December 15th at 2pm.

July 16 2012

More details about Nancy Holder's "Buffy: The Making of a Vampire Slayer" book. The "first authorized, fully illustrated retrospective" includes an envelope of spells and prophecies used on the show.

January 28 2011

Win a Buffy book from Nancy Holder. The author will award five copies of the third Buffy the Vampire Slayer omnibus, plus signed bookplates, in a new contest.

September 28 2010

Video Interview with Buffy author Nancy Holder about her career, working with the Slayer. Also includes a few Joss anecdotes.

December 16 2006

The Bronzer Cookbook. A project by kessie and k8cre8. The cookbook includes recipes from the likes of Amber Benson (pumpkin pie), David Fury ('David Fury's Faux Brooklyn Egg Cream' mmmm) and Nancy Holder (Anti Vampire Pasta - tasty and practical). All proceeds (minus cost of publishing) go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

May 25 2006

A review of the latest Buffy book "Carnival of Souls" by Nancy Holder. We're assured it's "a fun romp from yesteryear for Buffy". And there's a less than complimentary review of another recently released Buffy book "Afterimage" at the SFX website. More...

April 20 2006

New Buffy book "Portal through Time" and its plot revealed. In related news, the 2 Buffy books are listed without any plot details on ("Bad Bargain" & "Portal..") and ("Portal.." & "Bad..") More...
BtVS novelist Nancy Holder launches new book series. "LOCATION: The edge of the Buffy-verse." More...

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