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August 08 2012

Fan pitches naming SpaceX's first private spaceship "Serenity". In the spirit of getting the first shuttle (although it never flew into space) "Enterprise" after Star Trek.

July 17 2011

(SPOILER) Avengers film will use NASA facility in Sandusky, Ohio. A short Article that should picque the interest of all us Science Geeks out there.

October 26 2009

When galaxies collide! Felicia Day talks science in this NASA Public Service Announcement about our impending doom.

April 15 2009

NASA announces name for Space Module. Prepare for disappointment. Colbert didn't win, and neither did the Browncoats. Two Fandoms snubbed at once, but Colbert Did manage to get something named after him.

October 13 2006

Contest for naming Node 2 of ISS. Name it Serenity? Browncoat(maiii) who posted about the Serenity DVDs going to ISS, also posted info about a contest open for teachers and students (K-12), and submissions are by either class or school. No individual submissions. More...

September 25 2006

NASA to build Serenity? 1st Grader offers NASA a new spaceship design.

July 19 2006

NASA browncoats boost the signal into space. Post on about how Captain Mal's message of love was sent up to the ISS (International Space Station). "Some of the Houston Area Browncoats are working the current Shuttle and Station Mission and they got the Captain's quote about love uplinked to the ISS crew in tomorrow morning's daily summary. Below is the review copy of the daily summary" from Artcat81's post. More...

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