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August 05 2010

CSTS charity events this weekend in Pittsburgh and Scottsville, KY. Pittsburgh's Serenity screening is Friday and Whedonites United are having a 3-day Whedonfest in Kentucky (across the border from Tennessee) . More...

August 08 2009

Whedon Fest 2009 in Nashville this weekend. Serenity and Dr. H Charity Screenings tonight in Tulsa, OK . More...

January 26 2006

Country music legends get their "Buffy" on in the four page web comic, "Bring Me the Head of Waylon Jennings." It's the latest installment of "I Wanna See the Nashville Lights" -- Zayne Reeves and Mike Alves' slice of refried, mildly lysergic, Americana. More...

October 05 2005

(SPOILER) Resurrection devices only exist in real life. A slightly different take on the film including my favourite line " captain Mal (Nathan Fillion, a Han Solo with Dudley Do-Right’s mug)". There is also talk of a plot line I've somehow missed despite seeing it 4 times already!

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