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November 02 2014

Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion duel with lightsabers. Pic taken by Britanick’s Brian McElhaney.

June 08 2012

Nathan Fillion on Stan Lee's "Cocktails with Stan". Nathan is featured on this week's episode of Cocktails with Stan on "Stan Lee's World of Heroes" YouTube channel. More...

February 24 2011

Nathan Fillion tweets about Firefly movement. Captain Tightpants wants you to save your money.

April 07 2010

Nathan Fillion: I'll leave it to people who can handle the stress. Interview with Nathan Fillion about Castle and his former roles.

January 22 2009

Behind the Scenes of James Gunn's PG Porn "Nailing Your Wife" with Nathan and Aria. Nathan being himself with Aria Giovanni and James Gunn...obvious spoilers if you haven't seen the first episode of PG Porn and slightly nsfw.

September 22 2008

Serenity makes Empire's Top 500 movies of all time. Number 383 on the list. More...

August 30 2008

Nathan and Joss discussed in IFC podcast #91. Ideas of termite art form and favorite working leads in good-bad films. A sort of backhand praise for our guys oeuvres. Go to 20 min mark of podcast.

August 06 2008

A quick mention of Nathan Fillion's new pilot 'The Castle' for ABC. The Hollywood Reporter mentions it is testing well; a promising first sign in the race for a series order.

July 18 2008

Dark Horse Announces Signing Schedule at Comic-Con. The Dr. Horrible cast and Joss will be there from 3-4:30 PM on Friday July 25th. More...

April 25 2008

More information about Nathan's Pilot - Castle. 'Drive,' 'Firefly' star set to play lead in 'Castle' Nathan Fillion has apparently enjoyed his time working at ABC, because he's signed on to a pilot at the network. More...

April 10 2008

Nathan Fillion one of EW's "50 Actors We'd Watch in Anything". I definitely agree with that assessment!

April 06 2008

A Misfit of Science thinks Nathan Fillion should be the new Knight Rider. Andy Grieser, a columnist for, thinks a revival of "Knight Rider" could work if Nathan was behind the wheel instead of likely lead Justin Bruening. That may work if the producers decided the new driver should be Michael Knight's cousin, not his son. More...

January 06 2008

Looks like White Noise 2 is coming out on DVD this week... I was checking what was coming out on DVD this week and it looks like White Noise 2 is finally making an appearance. Only took them 9+ months. There will also be a DVD signing by the director and the writer on Saturday 12th Jan in Burbank, CA. More...

December 18 2007

"Waitress" makes Time's Top 10 movies of the year. The little movie that could has made Time magazine's tope 10 movies of the year, coming in at #9. Yay for Nathan !! More...
"Waitress" script available at FOX Searchlight. As part of the push for award recognition, FOX Searchlight has posted the scripts for several of their movies for free download, including "Waitress."

May 21 2007

Waitress makes the top ten box office list. In its third weekend, "Waitress" broke into the top ten box office list with $1,135,000 in 116 theaters. That's up from #17 last week and #35 the one before. Considering the juggernauts at the top of the list right now, that's damn impressive. Here's hoping it hangs on... More...

May 09 2007

Nathan Fillion Gets Award At Newport Beach Film Festival. Our own Captain Tightpants was selected as "Best Actor in a Feature Film", while "Waitress" won the Audience Feature Award.

April 12 2007

(SPOILER) USA Today gives "Drive" premiere three stars. Robert Bianco gives a preview of the show coming up Sunday with a two-hour episode, followed by Monday showings before "24" on Fox. Bianco is interested in the concept. However, he hopes the show will explain some of its secrets as it goes along. More...

March 26 2007

Nathan losing battle at "TiFaux Madness: Men Round One". Apparently the captain is a contestant in TiFaux's hottest television men in the running, and he's losing a battle in the tournament ... presumably to win the title of the hottest of the lot. More...

February 01 2007

A secondhand tale about Nathan Fillion. Notwithstanding Nathan Fillion's solid ten-year track record of being courteous and professional with the media, a blogger is publishing an account of the Edmonton Journal's film reviewer that Nathan refused to talk to her because she gave Serenity a bad review. More...

October 23 2006

James Gunn compares the families of Slither and Serenity. Promoting Slither on DVD More...

October 06 2006

Hyjacking Nathan - furry animal cartoon version of Mr. Fillion. A fan, Khei, has drawn up some webcomics involving a furry version of Nathan Fillion. From the site "A furry fancomic that chronicles the random insanity that ensues after a furry version of our favorite BDH is drawn with a special pencil simply called "The Red Pencil of DOOM" by our protagonist, Khei" More...

October 03 2006

Equality Now's 2005 Annual Report acknowledges support from the 'verse. Joss, cast, and fans are thanked. (link to pdf) More...

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