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August 02 2012

Four new images from Much Ado About Nothing. First look at Nathan and Tom along with three other images.

June 03 2007

Podcast Movie Reviewers Give More Love to Waitress and Knocked Up. Admitting a man-crush on Nathan Fillion, along with comparing him to Cary Grant, these two guys do a great job of reviewing both films. A little love is also given to Alan Tudyk and Serenity. More...

February 21 2006

Serenity Nominated for 4 Golden Schmoe Awards. Nominations are picked by the movie fans of Serenity was nominated for Most Underrated Movie, Best Sci-Fi Movie, Biggest Surprise, and Nathan Fillion for Breakthrough Performance. Voting begins on the 23rd.

September 28 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Cast Interviews from the Premiere. Video interviews with the crew (minus Gina) on Morena is asked about Wonder Woman. Callout and link to these appeared prominently today's daily eMail, which has massive list of subscribers. More...

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