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May 28 2009

Tracy Bellomo and Andrew Chambliss back for Dollhouse. @MoTancharoen answers a Twitter inquiry from Australia and confirms that the writers of "Needs" and "A Spy in the House of Love" (respectively) will be back in the writers room for the second season of Dollhouse.

April 04 2009

What the papers says about Dollhouse episode 8. The A.V. Club gives 'Needs' an 'A' and calls it "stellar". ifMagazine says the episode is "another late season winner from a show that's went zero to hero rather quickly", TV Squad thinks that "with tonight's enjoyable episode, the series is getting better". And praiseworthy recaps of this episode can be found at Zap2it and More...

April 03 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss the eighth episode of Dollhouse. Titled 'Needs', this episode is written by newcomer Tracy Bellomo. And if you missed it, 'Needs' is now available to watch for free at Fox on Demand and Hulu and can be purchased at iTunes.

March 20 2009

(SPOILER) TWoP review of the next two episodes of Dollhouse. "[T]hey do seem to be a vast improvement... though I still feel like I'm not 100 percent in love with this show -- yet."

March 18 2009

(SPOILER) Promotional photos for Dollhouse 1x08 "Needs". Thanx to wiesengrund for the heads up. ;-) Some of them are quite spoilerish, so beware.

March 17 2009

(SPOILER) Press release for Dollhouse 1x08 "Needs". Judging by the spoilerish synopsis, I think this episode is going to rock! Good choice to include it on the screeners. Things are definitely starting to kick into higher gear in the near future.

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