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"They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses."
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December 14 2011

The Nine Greatest Nerd Fears Today. No less than three Whedon-related fears pop up in this list. Ah, lists. Here's another one for your amusement. More...

June 25 2009

How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl. Love ladies with big glasses and bigger brains? The Park Bench provides a list of definite 'do's' (check out #7). More...

June 03 2009

Pop Culture's 10 Greatest Nerds. Willow tops Topless Robot's "10 Greatest Nerds" list. No surprise there.

January 24 2008

Sydney White out on DVD. For those who missed it in the theaters, this play on Snow White with Danny Strong as the "Grumpy" character came out on DVD Tuesday.

September 02 2005

Revenge of the Nerd. Interview with Joss Whedon about his self-described nerdiness, found families, and his fanbase. More...

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