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"If you're done molesting the furniture, can we get these guys?"
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January 22 2013

Nicholas Brendon to co-star in "Big Gay Love" film. A new rom-com co-starring everyone's favorite glorified bricklayer!

January 14 2007

Nicholas Brendon's Fire Serpent to air Feb. 24th. From Nick's site: Nick's next TV project, formerly titled Alien Fire has been renamed Fire Serpent It will air Saturday, Feb. 24, on the SciFi Channel. The network has posted a synopsis of the movie. More...

October 04 2005

Stars of the Buffyverse Are Back on TV. A nice little roundup on's front page featuring a brief synopsis of the former and new television characters of several of our Buffyverse alums, as well as predictions for the future of their new shows. More...

September 30 2005

How to Canoodle with a Co-Star. E!'s Kristin takes a look at some of the failed relationships of off-screen couples and gives tips on how to make the connection last. Aly, Nick, and Marc Blucas mention.

May 19 2005

Fox's 2005 schedule has Whedon Alums. Nick Brendon's Kitchen Confidential will be on Mondays at 8:30 after Arrested Development. David Boreanaz's Bones will be on Tuesdays at 8 before House. And Alexa Davalos's Reunion is on Thursdays at 9.

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