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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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June 21 2014

Nick Brendon interview on Schrodinger's Cat and Buffy. Nick describes making a sci-fi movie without a script, his favorite Buffy episodes and the 'very political' cancellation of Kitchen Confidential. More...

June 18 2014

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 10 #4 makes's Comic Book Day pull list. Nerdist highlights the Brendon penned issue for their weekly pull list. More...

May 06 2014

Here's a trailer for Nicholas Brendon's intriguing sci-fi movie Coherence. This movie, the feature directorial debut of James Ward Byrkit, looks pretty interesting in its comparison to Primer, amongst other high praise so far, and also has Nick Brendon in a supporting role.

April 20 2014

WC14: Inside Dark Horse's "Whedonversity" with "Buffy" and "Serenity". Zack Whedon, Christos Gage and Georges Jeanty discuss Serenity and Buffy Comics for Dark Horse Comics.

March 21 2014

Nicholas Brendon and James Marsters talk to CBR about Buffy Season 10. The Buffy veterans discuss writing comics, some stories from the early days of Buffy, and the differences between television and print.

July 26 2013

Tonight: Miss U Much on VH1 features Nicholas Brendon. The new VH1 series catches up with stars from the 90's. More...

April 19 2013

Come meet Nicholas Brendon this weekend in Washington D.C. at Awesome Con! It's at the Washington Convention Center. Tickets are $15 for one day or $25 for the weekend.

April 11 2013

Happy birthday, Nicholas Brendon (and Kelly Donovan)! Today Xander and his twin brother turn 42. More...

February 12 2013

Nicholas Brendon to appear at Rhode Island ComicCon. Rhode Island Comic Con announced last night that Nicholas Brendon will be returning to RICC for 2013 after such huge popularity in 2012. More...

December 05 2012

Nicholas Brendon currently shooting The Morningside Monster. Apparently the cast and crew are making a big impact on the Lawrenceville, Georgia economy. The horror flick also stars Amber Chaney (The Hunger Games), Robert Pralgo (Revolution) and Tiffany Shepis (The Violent Kind). More...

October 29 2012

TVLine names 25 actors they would like to see back on TV this pilot season. One of our Scoobies makes the list.

September 13 2012

Adam Baldwin, James Marsters, and Nicholas Brendon to appear at Montreal Comic Con. Event takes place Sept 14-16, 2012. Yes, that's this weekend, but I only found out about it today.

July 01 2012

20-year Buffy panel at SDCC includes Kristy Swanson. On the final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2012, "[s]tars from the hit TV series Buffy... (Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer) join forces with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie, writer/producer Jane Espenson, illustrator Georges Jentry [sic], and the original Buffy herself (Kristy Swanson, star of the 1992 motion picture), not to mention a surprise guest or two."

June 11 2012

Problem solving: What do Rod Stewart, Jane Austen and Kelly Donovan have in common? I'm sure some of you are going to say, "I knew that!" More...

April 11 2012

Happy Birthday, Nicholas Brendon! 41 Today! Also, Happy Birthday to his twin, Kelly Donovan.

January 13 2012

Nicholas Brendon 2012 appearance roundup. Nicholas is hosting an L.A. event, will be at Megacon with Charisma Carpenter, and back on Criminal Minds. More...

September 12 2011

Nicholas Brendon to appear in reading at The Blank Theater tonight. Nicholas will take part in "Windows on the World," which focuses on the perspectives of people in New York on 9/11. More...

August 24 2011

Interview with Nicholas Brendon at the Chicago Comic Con. An interview by the girl who wants to have sexual relations with Joss Whedon. It all comes full circle.

August 19 2011

Clare Kramer Birthday Bash- with Nick Brendon! Party with Clare Kramer and Nicholas Brendon during Dragon*Con. Tickets are $100 for the Sept. 3 event to celebrate Clare's birthday!

August 18 2011

Nicholas Brendon talks with Comics Waiting Room. Nicholas discusses last weekend's Chicago Comic Con, the enduring popularity of "Buffy" and what he's working on now.

April 11 2011

Happy Birthday Nicholas Brendon! Click here to visit Nicholas' Twitter and wish him many happy returns. More...

March 07 2011

Buffy Panel Q&A at Emerald City Comic Con. Clare, Nick and James go down memory lane during the Buffy panel Q&A last Saturday, March 5.

December 02 2010

Twinbalaya: Dinner with Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan in New Orleans. Get a "double serving" as Nick Brendon and his twin, Kelly Donovan, host a meet n greet to coincide with their appearance at the New Orleans Comic con! More...

October 21 2010

Cast of Buffy pose for awkward family photos at Wizard Boston Con. James Marsters, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon join in on the fun. More...

October 13 2010

(SPOILER) Nicholas Brendon on Private Practice. He'll play a deranged patient on the show. Big spoilers for the plot arc.

October 06 2010

Nicholas Brendon interview on Buffyfest. Nick Brendon on tattoos, dating fans, Buffy Season 8, webcomics and much, much more in this interview with Buffyfest.

October 05 2010

Buffyfest covers Nicholas Brendon and Clare Kramer at Big Apple Comic Con. Nick and Clare answered fans' questions in New York on Sunday. Buffyfest has video of the whole thing.

September 19 2010

Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog. He talks about more meet and greets and reads a few more of his poems.

September 13 2010

WhedonFest (Toronto) cancels convention. Due to low ticket sales, this first time convention has been canceled 3 weeks before the event was to take place.

September 02 2010

Video: Nicholas Brendon dancing at Paris con. Nick takes part in a glorious dance finale with the other guests at last weekend's Ultim'Art Convention in Paris.

August 29 2010

Nicholas Brendon added to Cruise Con guest line up. He will be joining other Whedon related guests, including Julie Benz, Jewel Staite, Clare Kramer and Keith Szarabajka.

June 04 2010

Amy Acker to appear at WhedonFest Toronto. She is scheduled to join Nicholas Brendon as a guest at WhedonFest in Toronto October 1-3.

April 11 2010

Happy Birthday To Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan! Nick and Kelly turn 39. Drop a line and wish them many happy returns!

March 15 2010

Nick Brendon Meet and Greet Album. The first photos are rolling in from the Nick at Night Meet and Greet held this weekend! More...

February 13 2010

Review of Nick Brendon's new play. The LA Theatre Review looks at Nick's latest play - "Why Torture is Wrong, and the People that Love Them" as does Variety and the LA Times Blog. More...

January 30 2010

Nicholas Brendon to appear at Orlando convention. Nick will be at BloodLust May 7-9. Additionally, his play starts tonight.

January 07 2010

Nicholas Brendon joins The Blank's next play. He is joining the cast of Christopher Durang's play, "Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them", which will begin its run at the end of this month. More...

December 03 2009

Reviews are coming in for Nicholas Brendon in 'The Santaland Diaries'. He seems to be winning many over with his "easy inviting charm" according to these reviews.

December 01 2009

Nicholas Brendon's holiday movie gets airdate, homepage. Nick stars in "A Golden Christmas" Dec. 13 on ION Television. There's also a preview for the movie off the network's homepage.

November 17 2009

Pics of Nicholas Brendon in The Santaland Diaries. Nick's play with The Blank Theatre Co. opens this weekend, but you can get a preview of him in (I'm assuming) full costume.

November 09 2009

(SPOILER) Details on Nick Brendon's next "Criminal Minds" episode. Nick will be returning for the show's 100th episode. Plus, info on a how to bid for an autographed picture of Nicholas and Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness. More...

October 20 2009

Nicholas Brendon in one-man play, back on Criminal Minds. Nick will be starring in The Santaland Diaries for the Blank Theater again and will soon be returning for not one but two episodes of Criminal Minds. More...

September 26 2009

Nick Brendon's got a secret in his new movie airing tonight! "My Neighbor's Secret" will air on Lifetime Movie Network at 8 p.m. Eastern. More...

September 17 2009

Nicholas Brendon to chat with 'Criminal Minds' fans tonight. Nicholas will stop by the "Criminal Minds Fanatic" chatroom at 9 p.m. Eastern to discuss his work as Kevin Lynch on the show. More...

June 03 2009

Nicholas Brendon returns to Young Playwrights Festival. Nicholas will feature in the play "From Your Sweetheart" by Alex Valdez, from June 11 to June 14, at The Stella Adler Theatre.

May 19 2009

Nicholas Brendon on tonight's "Without a Trace". Nick's guest starring on the series finale of the CBS drama, airing now in the Eastern and Central time zones.

April 12 2009

Happy Birthday Nick and Kelly! It's Nick and his twin brother Kelly's special day again. The boys turn 38 today. Now you can wish them your well wishes at his website.

April 09 2009

Nicholas Brendon to guest on "Without a Trace". After that, he'll start filming a Lifetime TV movie. More...

April 07 2009

Nick Brendon plays himself in "The Quincy Rose Show". He recently mentioned a new project called The Quincy Rose Show in a past audioblog and now we have a trailer to watch, plus, more info on the show. Fair warning on trailer, NSWF. More...

February 11 2009

Don't miss out on seeing Nick Brendon tonight and in coming months. He'll be reprising his role as Kevin Lynch on Criminal Minds tonight on CBS at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central. Plus, a chance to catch him when he returns to the stage next month in a new play called Desperate Writers - The Final Draft. More...

November 18 2008

Nicholas Brendon Back at Having Fun with the Undead. Check out all the details on our former Mr. Harris' new horror comedy "Blood on the Highway."

November 14 2008

Nicholas Brendon to return to Criminal Minds. On the November 19th episode, Nick will be reprising his role as Kevin Lynch.

September 04 2008

Nick updates his audioblog once again. He talks about having a great time in Scotland and a new project he's working on that will be published on iTunes.

August 21 2008

Nick Brendon updates his audio blog. He talks about his experience doing his play, upcoming Criminal Minds appearance, going to Glasgow for a convention, writing for SuperCat, his love for Buffy the Animated series, and more. More...

August 07 2008

Nick Brendon's play extended once more. Plus, appearance news. More...

July 23 2008

Nicholas Brendon's play extended through Aug. 3. Nick gets two more weeks in his role in "Adam Baum and the Jew Movie." More...

June 23 2008

Nick Brendon Is Joining Adam Baum and the Jew Movie Next Month. Begining July 11th, you can catch Nick at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles.

May 24 2008

Nicholas Brendon laps up Buffy Comics. Xander Harris himself is enjoying the comical world of Buffy these days. Nothing to do with the 5000 or so slayers he's surrounded by of course...

April 12 2008

Happy Birthday Nicholas Brendon!

April 03 2008

(SPOILER) "Super Cat" opening scene and more info about Nick on "Criminal Minds". Get a preview of Nick as Super Cat. More...

March 20 2008

(SPOILER) Nick Brendon blogs before Paley Festival. Nick updates his audio blog to talk about the Paley Festival tonight, answer a question from a fan, talk a little about Criminal Minds, and pitch his new project "Super Cat" to Cartoon Network. More...

March 16 2008

Blood on the Highway gets its world premiere at AFI Dallas. The horror-comedy starring Nicholas Brendon will premiere at midnight on March 28th during the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. Click on the link and scroll down the page for all the showtimes and tickets. More...

February 22 2008

(SPOILER) "Super Cat" pilot scene with Nick Brendon online. Get a preview of Nick as Super Cat. More...

February 20 2008

(SPOILER) Nick Brendon updates his audio blog again. Nick calls in to talk about working out, Criminal Minds, and the Paley Festival Buffy Reunion. Slight spoilers for his Criminal Minds appearance. More...

February 11 2008

Nick Brendon updates his audio blog. Nick talks about the strike being over, Criminal Minds, Super Cat, movies, and more.

February 04 2008

Those Buffy cast members that'll be appearing at Paley Fest 2008. "Creator Joss Whedon will be on hand; cast members who have said they will join him so far include Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg". And Seth Green as well.

February 01 2008

FX 2008 panel with Fillion, Rohm, and Brendon. Serenity Stuff has this video from a panel last month featuring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Rohm, and Nicholas Brendon. More...

January 27 2008

Orlando FX Convention reports for Whedonverse actors are trickling in. Folks who are attending the FX Convention in Orlando this weekend are already reporting on encounters with Captain Caleb and One-Eyed Nick and it sounds like it's a good time. More links to come in the comments.

January 24 2008

Whedonverse Panel at FX International this Sunday. Nathan Fillion, Nicholas Brendon and Elisabeth Rohm will all be at FX International this weekend in Orlando, FL. More...

January 10 2008

Nicholas Brendon: First glimpse of Super Cat. A sneak peek at Nick's upcoming animated project posted on his official website.

January 07 2008

The Awesome-Super-Cool Nick Brendon Audioblog. Nick talks Supercats, upcoming projects, and his sympathy for dwarfs (because of the strike). More...

November 17 2007

Bailey Chase on Criminal Minds. Graham was on last week's(Nov 14th) episode and will reprise that role this Wednesday. But this time he'll be joined by Nicholas Brendon!

September 22 2007

(SPOILER) Nick Brendon lands role on Criminal Minds. reports he starts filming this week on the CBS drama series. More...

September 21 2007

Nicholas Brendon rated #54 on world's hottest 101 men with tattoos. Xander makes this very unlikely (but entertaining) list.

September 06 2007

Live in the Dallas/Forth Worth Area? Be an extra in Nick Brendon's Movie. Blood on the Highway needs extras this Friday. More...

July 31 2007

Nicholas Brendon joins lineup of Creation's Salute to Supernatural, Smallville & Buffy/Angel. The convention takes place November 10-11 in Chicago.

July 02 2007

New York City gets Unholy. Starting August 13th, NYC fans can catch screenings of 'Unholy', starring genre icon Adrienne Barbeau and Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon, at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater. Advance tickets available here. More...

June 24 2007

Pics from the set of Nick Brendon's new movie 'Portal'. posts photos from the set and there's a nice picture of Nicky and Michael there. You can also read the nice things Muhney had to say about Nick in rack_of_lamb.

June 13 2007

Sheriff Lamb meets Xander Harris. In Michael Muhney's latest 'Rack of Lamb' post, he mentions he's filming a movie with Nicholas Brendon. More...

June 02 2007

Nicholas Brendon back onstage. Nick will appear in one of the plays in The Blank Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival. (Click here to see PDF mentioning Nick.) More...

February 24 2007

Nicholas Brendon's "Fire Serpent" debuts tonight! Nick's SciFi movie finally airs in the U.S. tonight, at 9/8 Central. More...

February 22 2007

Xander gets a clue. Nicholas Brendon was featured in a Jeopardy! clue during the second round of yesterday's program. More...

February 08 2007

Nick Brendon's 'Kitchen Confidential' finally to be released on DVD. The release date is May 22, and it looks like the only special features will be some interviews and a trailer.

September 08 2006

Extensive and illustrated Dragon*Con 2006 Report. girlpire's excellent report replete with accounts of panels, pics, and videos. Part 2 is here. More...

September 03 2006

Nick and Charisma, reunited. Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter talk to the Boston Herald about working together again on "Relative Chaos," which airs Sept. 4 on ABC Family. More...

August 31 2006

Nick Brendon is Noah Wyle's slave. According to Nick's latest audioblog, his Lobster Alice co-star won Nick at auction. Sometimes, the slash writes itself.

August 30 2006

"Relative Chaos" site is live. The official website for "Relative Chaos," the ABC Family movie starring Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter, is up! Includes pictures, character/actor bios and more. More...

August 24 2006

Make Nicholas Brendon your servant. Nicholas Brendon will emcee The Blank's Sweet Sixteen Benefit Gala next Monday August 28, 2006 at Cinespace in Hollywood. He joins entertainers Sam Harris and Deborah Gibson for an unforgettable night of entertainment and festivities! Oh, and he will be auctioned. So bid away folks! More...

July 26 2006

Nicholas Brendon's Latest Audioblog. Nick discusses his new play and popping his cherry, but refuses to discuss politics.

June 16 2006

Nicholas Brendon to appear at Dragon Con. Nicholas Brendon is on the Dragon Con guest list as of today (squee!) More...

May 11 2006

Xander and Cordelia Reunited. Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter are cast in an ABC movie of the week called Relative Chaos.

April 12 2006

Happy Birthday to Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan! The twins turn 35 today. Click for adorable photo of them.

September 20 2005

"Willow" Vs. "Xander" - Round One. Aly's new show had a good start and was watched by more than the double of people who watched Nick's. More...

August 26 2005

"Kitchen Confidential" Site Has Been Launched! FOX launched the official "KC" web site. More...

August 24 2005

Backstage interview with Nicholas Brendon and Bradley Cooper. The article mentions their new sitcom, their Emma Caulfield connection and also NB's thoughts on Xander post-Season 4.

August 04 2005

E! Online's Kristin gets some ex-scoob scoop. In her weekly column, Kristin covers Fox's TCA Press party and gets a interview video with Nicholas Brendon and Seth Green where Nick comes up with an interesting proposal...

July 15 2005

Nick Brendon's Audio Blog. Nick now has an Audioblog on! More...

July 12 2005

Nicholas Brendon will be at Comic-Con on Saturday. From 3pm to 7pm with his brother Kelly. And also at Collectormania 8 from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2. More...
Extended "Kitchen Confidential" Preview. Nick's official site has posted the extended preview of "KC"!

March 13 2004

Nick Brendon interview in Boston Herald. Nick talks about his time on Buffy and his new movie, Celeste in the City. More...

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