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March 08 2010

Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog. He discusses his upcoming meet and greet event next weekend and how there's still time to buy tickets to hang out and have dinner with him. He also discusses future projects, including an animated project. And talks about seeing the movie "Shutter Island", so fair warning for spoilers. More...

December 17 2009

EW mentions Nicholas Brendon's run in "Santaland Diaries". But the magazine asks: Is he your pick for the ideal Crumpet? More...

December 13 2009

Don't forget to watch Nicholas Brendon in 'A Golden Christmas' tonight on ION. Nick will be starring in ION's very first TV movie, starting at 9/8 p.m. central. Plus, stop by his website to partake in the discussion thread while watching the movie or afterwards.

November 28 2009

Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog. He talks about meeting people at Hallowhedon, his play, his upcoming tv movie airing on December 13th, and other topics. More...

November 25 2009

Nicholas Brendon's back on Criminal Minds tonight. He returns for the 100th episode of CM tonight. Plus, due to the success of his play, "The Santaland Diaries", more shows have been added to the calendar.

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