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"It's about power and it's about women and you just hate those two words in the same sentence, don't you?"
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September 06 2012

20 of the best closing scenes on television. A list with clips of best closing scenes. Buffy and Angel make the list.

May 11 2010

TV Series Finales: How to Do Them Right. The Buffy and Angel finales are both mentioned in this list from TWoP.

August 12 2009

Angel features in the IMDB Poll of the Day. Not Fade Away is one of the options for today's IMDB poll for best final episodes (poll now closed).

May 06 2009

Five page preview of Angel: Not Fade Away #1. The first part of this three issue mini-series will be out next week.

December 22 2008

Angel revisited: creators talk comics adaptations. Comic Book Resources speaks to the guys behind IDW's adaptations of 'Smile Time' and 'Not Fade Away'.

July 27 2005

Vincent Kartheiser explains why he came back for 'Not Fade Away'. An excerpt from an interview in the latest Buffy magazine courtesy of

May 21 2004

OPINION: 'Fading Away'. Daniel Erenberg takes a look at the finale and the individual characters.

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