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October 20 2008

Tony Head visits Repo! Chatroom this Tuesday at 10:00AM PDT. The Repo Man will be visiting the Repo! chatroom to talk with fans tomorrow morning. Please register for the Repo Forums if you'd like more info. More...

September 30 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack Now Available. The official digital version of Repo! The Genetic Opera's Soundtrack is now available for download. It works for international downloads and such and has lots of great Anthony Stewart Head vocals. More...

September 01 2008

(SPOILER) Anthony Stewart Head Behind the Scenes of Repo. A clip has been posted on the official Repo! website that has some of our favorite librarian's audition and more. More...

August 07 2008

Enter to win a Repo! cd featuring Anthony Stewart Head. The official Repo! The Genetic Opera site in conjunction with Horror-Movie-a-Day is giving away a seven song sampler cd that features everyone's favorite librarian as a genetic repo man. More...

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