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July 21 2009

Associated Press discusses urban fantasy and Amber Benson's new novel. The AP has an article about "urban fantasy" and the supernatural romance. They talk briefly with Amber about her novel and the appeal of the genre.

December 01 2008

Amber Benson to appear at NY Comic Con '09. She'll be there to help promote the release of her next novel, Death's Daughter, along with a couple or three new indie films she's in that will be released in the next few months. More...

November 07 2008

Cover to 'Death's Daughter' revealed. This is Amber Benson's first solo novel, and will be released in February.

October 15 2008

New Slayerlit interview with Buffyverse author Diana Gallagher. The author of four 'verse novels is interviewed by Shiai Mata.

April 22 2007

One Thing or Your Mother. Amazon has listed a new Buffy novel by Kirsten Beyer that's available for pre-order. Due out New Years. More...

June 14 2006

Excerpt from forthcoming Buffy: Blackout novel. Spike goes to see The Ramones in New York.

October 02 2005

INTERVIEW: Keith R.A. DeCandido - "basically I was impersonating Donkey in SHREK, jumping up and down and yelling, 'Pick ME! Pick ME!' " More...

September 09 2005

Keith RA DeCandido announces new Buffy novel. The focus is on the character of Nikki Wood, the Slayer who worked in NYC in 1977. More...

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