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January 24 2011

NPR's Pop Culture blog discusses Buffy Season 8. NPR's comics guy looks over Buffy Season 8, especially in light of the challenge of pacing a comic book series that was formerly a television show. Redacted spoilers but avoid if you are very sensitive. More...

September 20 2009

Joss talks Dr Horrible on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. The audio interview is now online and it's a really good listen.

March 11 2009

This musical American life. Following an earlier story about "This American Life: The Stage Show", is reporting that "rumors are circulating that the entire thing may be set to music coordinated by Whedon". More...

August 01 2008

Neil Patrick Harris on Fresh Air today. It's not up on the website yet, but there was a promo last night on NPR that Neil Patrick Harris will be on Fresh Air today.

August 07 2006

"Ballad of Serenity" appears in an story in this morning's "Morning Edition" on NPR. In an piece on tabulature, two interviewees are heard learning how to play "Ballad of Serenity" from Tabulature. More...

November 15 2005

NPR's Terry Gross Interviews Seth Green. An NPR audio clip of the "Fresh Air" interview back in February with Seth Green where he discusses Robot Chicken and more. More...

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