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October 18 2008

Watch D.B. Woodside & Moreana Baccarin guest star in Numb3rs. Just choose the "Numb3rs-Blowback" to start streaming. More...

October 31 2006

(SPOILER) CBS and NBC releases information for their November Sweeps episodes. Main link takes you to the CBS line up, which include details for upcoming episodes from Alyson Hannigan's "How I Met Your Mother" and David Krummholtz's "Numb3rs". Click Here for NBC's line up, which includes details for upcoming episodes from Leonard Robert's "Heroes" and Carlos Jacott's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". More...

May 27 2006

David Krumholtz's Lucky "Numb3rs". The first season of the hit CBS show starring Mr. Universe himself will be out on DVD May 30. More...

February 22 2006

Watch Mr. Universe and Dana, the psycho slayer play with numbers. Numb3rs first season box set to be released in May 30th, 2006.

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