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"As a friend of mine once said, I'd like to test that theory."
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February 05 2010

David Krumholtz's memories of Serenity. Mr Universe reveals what it was like turning up on the last two days of filming.

March 09 2009

Dollhouse continues with strong DVR numbers. "Week two of DVR data showed both "Dollhouse" and "Terminator" improved 29% from their original airings." And TV by the Numbers has the info too. More...

September 15 2006

A Browncoat talks with Universal about Serenity's Perfomance [perhaps]. A browncoat says he's contacted a wearer of a larger than standard wig at Universal and spoke of the Serenity Numbers with him directly. Take it for what it's worth. It might be true, might be so much internet hoey. But it seems legit, and the poster has a long history.

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