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August 13 2007

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic reviews the pilot for "Nurses". Eliza Dushku and Tom Lenk's would be new show at Fox. Spoiler tag for plot details from the pilot. More...

July 03 2007

ABC and Fox extend option for Tratchenberg and Dushku's shows. Michelle Tratchenberg's "The Hill" (ABC) and Eliza Dushku's "Nurses" (Fox) were both excluded from the fall schedule announced last may, but are receiving second lease of life through networks extensions for the cast. More...

May 12 2007

Buzz on Eliza Dushku's new show. TV Upfronts to be announced starting Monday and nearly everyone writing about it calls Nurses a shoo-in. And it looks like lots of other cool actors have promising shows this season -- ABC seems to have dibs on the lion's share of 'em.

March 11 2007

Eliza Dushku gets a new show. She'll be playing the lead on the Fox pilot 'Nurses'.

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