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February 12 2011

Live commentary of Dollhouse 1x12 - Omega with Tim Minear. Set TV volume to 0 and turn up your PC volume.

June 25 2009

Portal Awards 2009 are open for voting. Voting is open from June 25 to July 25 and you may vote once per day and email address. You can vote for Eliza Dushku, Olivia Williams, "Omega", Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dollverse and Whedonesque.

May 09 2009

Dollhouse Season Finale Ratings. THR has the news on preliminary ratings figures for 'Omega'. More...
Read the script for 'Omega'. Find out which scenes from the Dollhouse finale got cut for time.

May 08 2009

What the papers say about Dolhouse episode 12.'s Ken Tucker said there were some good moments but it was "a bit of a let-down". The Watcher loved it, saying the episode confounded her expectations. iFMagazine raves about it, "Damn. This is great storytelling". IGN thought Omega "was a disappointment after the last few very good episodes". The AV Club gave it a 'B+' but said it was a show that "deserves respect" and called for a renewal. And lastly, TV Squad called the finale "an excellent episode".
(SPOILER) Discuss the US season finale of Dollhouse. Omega. The End? And if you missed the episode, it's now available to watch the episode for free at Fox on Demand and Hulu and can be purchased on iTunes.

May 07 2009

(SPOILER) Clip from tomorrow night's episode of Dollhouse. And if you crave more amazing scenes from the finale, then here's clips numbers two and three. More...
A few thoughts on the Dollhouse finale. Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune says Omega "delivers action, suspense, quippy dialogue and a tangled set of relationships, all while asking thorny questions about human nature".

April 24 2009

(SPOILER) Promo photos for Dollhouse Episode 1x12 "Omega". SpoilerTV has four new stills from the season finale (at least for now) of Dollhouse.

April 18 2009

(SPOILER) Press release for the season finale of Dollhouse. Well, episode 12. Spoiler tagged for a reason.

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