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August 11 2017

The best fake '80s songs on television. “I’m just worried this whole session is going to turn into a training montage from an ’80s movie.”

June 06 2017

Tiny Fences makes a musical review of Once More With Feeling. Buffy podcast releases the very special "607: Tiny Fences: The Musical!" with all original music. More...

March 16 2017

TV's 15 best musical episodes, ranked. #1 will come as no surprise to Whedonites.

August 26 2015

Vulture chooses the best TV musical episodes of all time. In related news, I hear they got the mustard out.

May 20 2014

Own a piece of Buffy history! There is a screen used prop from "Once More With Feeling" being sold.

February 11 2014

Once More with Feeling sing-a-long in Helsinki. Heads-up to Finnish fans that "Once More with Feeling" and "Helpless" will be shown in Helsinki on Feb 21st. OMWF will be a sing-along. More...

November 01 2012

Watch Kate Nash perform 'Once More With Feeling'. This is from last night's Buffy themed Halloween event that was mentioned here last month. And the NME has quotes from Kate talking about why this was the culmination of a long-standing dream for her.

July 16 2012

"Give Me Something To Sing About" - an interpretation. 'Once More With Feeling' like you never seen it before. It's a wonderful effort.

November 23 2011

James Marsters plays Angel. James Marsters was at the recent Alamo Drafthouse Buffy Singalong and agreed to play a scene, as Angel, with an audience member. This amusing write up comes complete with a video memorializing the performance. More...

November 15 2011

The top ten moments in 'Once More With Feeling'. Neatly tying in with the 10th anniversary, this article looks at the best moments from the musical in chronological order.

November 06 2011

Ten years ago today - 'Once More, With Feeling' premiered. To mark the occasion, here's a UPN trailer for the Buffy musical. More...

November 02 2011

Is 'Once More With Feeling' Buffy's best episode? TV Blend thinks it could be and there's even a poll for you to vote on the matter.

June 21 2011

Watch 'Once More With Feeling' online for free at Syfy UK. It's be there for the next week (UK only). They also have a Buffy musical quiz.

June 14 2011

"Once More With Feeling" Returns to Comic-Con... and takes Hall H. That's the news from Whedonopolis, the annual presenter of the Buffy musical screening at SDCC, with details to come.

March 29 2011

Musical TV Episodes: The Gimmick That Won't Die. pays homage to Joss' visionary musical television excursion and ponders whether his followers have lived up to his "audacious" and "unrivaled" achievement.

June 19 2010

Once More With Feeling in Today's IMDB Poll. Today's IMDB poll asks what musical most deserves a big screen karaoke edition.

April 15 2010

The Top 10 Best Genre Musicals. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and "Once More, With Feeling" take the top two positions. More...

October 28 2009

Free midnight showing of the Buffy musical this Friday in Indianapolis. You'll be able to sing along with a live cast at the Fringe Building on the 30th.

September 04 2009

The Most Memorable TV Musical Moments Ever. TWoP does not leave out "everybody's favorite." More...

July 17 2009

'Once More With Feeling' screening in Houston this September. Amber Benson will be making an appearance at it. So that'll be a pretty cool event to go to.

June 30 2009

"Once More With Feeling" in Toronto? Apparently it's a "SILVER STAGE Live Shadow Cast Performance", whatever that means. Can't find ticket links anywhere on the Toronto Fringe Festival site, however.

June 26 2009

A 'Once More With Feeling' poll. It's a very good excuse to talk about the magnificent Buffy musical. More...

June 17 2009

'Once More With Feeling' screening at Paley Center L.A. this Friday. It's all to do with 'TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes of All-Time'. The screening is in the John H. Mitchell Theater at 3.40pm. (PDF reader required for the link). More...

June 15 2009

Buffy and Angel make TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes of All Time. Angel's "I Will Remember You" comes in at #78, and Buffy's "Once More, With Feeling" clocks in #14. More...

August 04 2008

The Best Whedonverse Singers. Girl nerd site The Park Bench evaluates the best singers from the Whedonverse, with a comparison between 'Once More With Feeling' and 'Dr. Horrible'.

June 02 2008

A Buffy musical wedding tale. An reader tells of how she got her wedding guests to dance to "Under Your Spell".

April 12 2008

Once More with Feeling Karaoke CDG released in the UK. Songs from OMWF and about 10 other Buffy songs in karaoke versions, for your home singing pleasure. More...

March 21 2008

"I've Got a Theory" explained for businessmen. Or to put it another way, the world's greatest Buffy chart.

March 02 2008

Have Any Questions for Adam Hughes? Serenity: Better Days and Those Left Behind cover artist (not to mention, "Once More, With Feeling" poster artist) Adam Hughes has agreed to answer any questions that you have about his 'verse related work. Post your questions in the comments for this thread and Adam will be stopping in to answer. More...

December 08 2007

The Buffy Sing Along D.I.Y. Home Kit. "Just because were on, lets call it hiatus, doesnt mean you cant celebrate the Buffy Musical on your own with our Do-It-Yourself Buffy Sing Along Kit!" More...

July 20 2007

Adam Shankman's 'Hairspray' is 95% fresh. The man who choreographed "Once More With Feeling" directs the big-screen adaptation of the Broadway smash to mostly positive reviews! More...

July 06 2007

Buffy forum site announces "One More With Feeling" showing at Comic-Con. Whedonopolis announces there will be a showing of "Once More With Feeling" during Comic-Con in San Diego on July 28th, about the same time as the annual Masquerade. There will also be a showing of an extra Buffy episode.

July 05 2007

Fandom of the Opera. "The musical has become a centerpiece for one of the community's shared rituals," says some guy from MIT. More...

June 11 2007

The Buffy musical at the Los Angeles Film Festival. On June 27th at the Majestic Crest Theatre, there will be a 'Once More With Feeling' singalong which promises to be "the most fang-tastic night of the Festival. And according to, Hinton Battle and Emma Caulfield will be there. More...

May 11 2007

Doing the time warp again, this time with Buffy. The Villager looks at the 'Once More With Feeling' screening phenomenon. And if you're wondering if the screenings will be coming to a town near you over the summer, then check the Buffy Sing-A-Long website for details.

April 24 2007

Buffy fans sing for charity. A recent screening of 'Once More With Feeling' in Pasenda, CA raised $3,500 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. And according to Sci Fi Wire, guests at the event included David Fury, Ben Edlund, James C. Leary and Camden Toy.

April 19 2007

Arizona Daily Star writes about Buffy Singalongs. Come the fall, Jeff Yanc (Loft program director) is hoping to land a top-secret former "Buffy" actor to appear as a special guest. More...

February 25 2007

And you can sing along. The New York Times covers the Once With More Feeling screenings. More...

January 17 2007

(SPOILER) New York Daily News compares "Scrubs" musical episode with "OMWF". "In terms of delivering a special musical episode, nothing matches the excellence of Joss Whedon's "Once More With Feeling" musical episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Tomorrow night, though, "Scrubs" comes impressively close." It contains plot details and spoilers for the episode. More...

September 15 2006

Midnight screenings of "Once More With Feeling" in New York. Tonight in fact. And Saturday as well. There's even a Buffy-oke (best new word of the day) contest before hand. Sounds like a lot of fun. More...

July 30 2006

Stage to Screens: Chats with Hinton Battle. Short interview with Hinton covering what he's up to and past credits that include Buffy.

June 18 2006

Mark Wheaton loves Buffy! Mark Wheaton, the screenwriter for the as yet untitled Friday the 13th Sequel lists "Once More With Feeling" as his favourite moment of television.

April 20 2006

A New York Magazine article compares the new musical "Lestat" to other vampire-related musicals , including OMWF, which definitely receives the most glowing mention.

March 20 2006

Once more, with singing. USA Today's Whitney Matheson attends a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-along at the Alamo Drafthouse during SXSW.

July 13 2005

The History of Television Musicals. Includes several mentions of Once More with Feeling. More...

April 12 2003

Another chance to win the Once More, with Feeling DVD BBC competition; only open to UK residents. Competition closes April 22nd. DVD is coded Region 2.

February 03 2003

'Once More With Feeling' DVD released in the UK on April 14th. The extras should be a featurette and a trailer. More...

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