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"Vengeance is what I am."
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April 30 2008

Chiwetel Ejiofor's Othello is on the radio on May 4th. Listeners in the UK will get the chance to hear the Donmar production of Othello on BBC Radio Three. More...
Aint It Cool News Talks to Chiwetel Ejiofor. Capone, one of the regular writers for the site, sits down with our favorite Operative to talk about his career, including how he was cast in "Serenity". Aside from his memorable Othello, Ejiofor will soon be seen in David Mamet's "Redbelt". It starts this weekend in L-A and New York, then to more theaters a week later.

February 07 2008

McKellen, Stewart ... and Ejiofor. The Operative/Othello will battle with Magneto/Gandalf/Lear and Xavier/Picard/Macbeth for the Laurence Olivier Best Actor Award. More...

January 15 2008

Our favorite operative is quite the Moor. The New Yorker raves about Chiwetel Ejiofor's "majestic" performance as Othello on the London stage: "(he) brings to the character a natural nobility and a decency that are a kind of poetic revelation." And that's for starters. More...

March 07 2003

Put Out the Light. A very indepth comparison between Othello and Angel.

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