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March 14 2013

Pajiba's top SXSW performances. Two Much Ado actors make the list.

February 21 2013

Joss Whedon's insidious hidden agenda exposed. Pajiba speaks out.

January 03 2013

Pajiba ranks 10 most rewatchable films of 2012 which include The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods.

October 22 2012

The 7 dumbest things a TV character could possibly do. A Pajiba list.

October 17 2012

The Superhero Yin and Yang. 10 ways The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises can't be better than each other.

July 31 2012

The Sixth Annual Pajiba Ten: A celebration of the coolest, sexiest celebrities on the planet. Three Avengers actors make the cut.

July 25 2012

15 stars who (nearly) showed their naughty bits on MTV's "Undressed". Four Whedon actors make the list.

June 27 2012

Planning against the sequel. Why not every genre movie needs to be a franchise. Cabin In The Woods is cited as a prime example.

March 30 2009

Pajiba gives Dollhouse a Mid-Season Review. Pajiba, who previously gave Dollhouse an extremely negative review after the second episode re-visit the show after episode seven. More...

February 24 2009

Dollhouse is 'not so shiny'. Pajiba reviews the first two episodes of Dollhouse, it's not exactly a glowing review. However the latest /Filmcast podcast gives high praise to the second episode. More...

April 16 2008

Buffy Season 2 - One of the Best 15 Seasons of the Past 20 Years. In a new series at Pajiba, Stacey Nosek says " was just the right combination of fun and drama; of humor and heartache; of quips and jolts not to mention the bang-up writing which made it the most stellar freaking season in an overall stellar freaking series." More...

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