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April 15 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse panel report- Joss hopeful for season 2. FearNet has highlights of last night's PaleyFest panel. A lot of info, including an explanation of tonight's optimism for season two. No new spoilers, but the same Epitaph One stuff revealed before is in here. The Hollywood Reporter has a thorough write-up as does the futon critic. More...

March 18 2009

TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush answers questions about Dollhouse and corrects a "miscommunication" concerning which Whedon show panel he will be moderating at the LA Paley Festival. More...

March 05 2009

Buffy Reunion DVD Available for Purchase From Paley Center. The Buffy Reunion from PaleyFest is available for purchase at and will also be available at the PaleyFest 2009 event. More...

February 18 2009

"25 Extraordinary Years" - The Paley Center Festival in Pictures. The history of the William S. Paley Television Festival in pictures. Check out 1998 to see that 2008 wasn't the first time the Paley honored BtVS.

December 09 2008

Paley Center for Media's Perspectives on Media: Doctor Horrible. The Paley Center takes a look at Dr. Horrible and announces their Dr. Horrible Sing Along. More...

October 05 2008

All Seasons of Buffy and Angel for $20 each including a DVD of the Cast Reunion Panel at Best Buy. Buy one or more of these DVD sets and get the panel DVD for free (otherwise it's $4.99).

April 16 2008

David Boreanaz offers child-fan a job! No really he did! At the Paley convention for Bones, though I think it was in jest. More...

March 29 2008

Short but comprehensive piece on the BTVS Paley Reunion. DreamWatch Total SciFi's take on the recent reunion. There's also a review over at the LA Weekly.

March 23 2008

One Whedon Fan's Report From The Paley Festival. Monique from "My Celebrity Encounters" has a report on her week at the Paley Festival, especially seeing the Chuck and Buffy panels. It includes a clip on how Sarah Michelle Gellar prepared for the classic episode, "The Body." It also has great pictures from that panel.

March 14 2008

Matt Roush moderating Paley Buffy Reunion Panel. He also invites even more questions. More...

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