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January 26 2017

See Buffy episodes of your choice on the big screen for free in New York and Los Angeles. David Bushman from the Paley Center posted details on our Facebook page about how to get a private screening for your family and friends.

October 21 2014

Whedonverse sing-alongs this weekend at the Paley Centers in New York and Los Angeles. Once More With Feeling! Dr. Horrible! Bonus if you're a Freaks and Geeks fan. More...

July 27 2012

Premiere event for Jane Espenson's "Husbands" Season 2 at the Paley Center Los Angeles. "Husbands" is the first online sitcom to be hosted at the Paley Center for the Media. The event features a Season 2 preview screening followed by a look behind the scenes. Jane Espenson is scheduled to appear along with co-creator Brad Bell ("Cheeks"), and others.

December 02 2009

Who is the greatest tv sleuth of all time? Angel is one of the options in the Paley Center's TV Sleuth Smackdown. Voting closes Dec 21.

October 29 2009

The Paley Center NY "Vampire Weekend," November 13-15. Includes screenings of the BUFFY reunion and ANGEL cast/crew panels. ETA: yes to be clear folks Paley is screening previously-taped events - BtVS panel from '08, AtS panel from '01. More...

June 17 2009

'Once More With Feeling' screening at Paley Center L.A. this Friday. It's all to do with 'TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes of All-Time'. The screening is in the John H. Mitchell Theater at 3.40pm. (PDF reader required for the link). More...

May 20 2008

Whedonesque goes to New York. Last night at the Paley Center, an event called "Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites" was held. Zeitgeist from Whedonesque was on the panel as were fans from other sites. And by all accounts, a good time was had by all. More...

March 14 2008

Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites Tickets Go On Sale. Whedonesque readers are eligible for discounted tickets (member price, $8) to the spring Paley Center event in New York City on May 19th. Tickets go on sale at noon Eastern Time today. Note: this is a panel of fan website mods/admins, not the actors/creators panel taking place in LA. Additional details on the event below. More...

January 29 2008

Slightly more info on Buffy Reunion event. AICN reports that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion portion of this year's Paleyfest (previously discussed here) will be March 20 (with the Chuck event on March 18, and the Mad Men event on March 27). Also mentions the plan for ticket prices and availability. More...

September 22 2007

Paley Center for the Media presents "Inside Robot Chicken" in Los Angeles. Creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich will be present for the October 1st event, which includes a Q&A session. More...

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