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January 10 2011

Felicia Day interviewed at the Video Game Awards by Angry Joe (who should really be called Excitable Joe, or in this case Flustered Joe). There is also an interview by a representative of The Game Heroes.

February 12 2010

Top ten tragic geek love stories, or, geek tragedies. A list of Geekdom's top tragic Love Affairs. Two obvious Whedon couples make the list. More...

September 20 2009

Dr. Horrible attacks the Emmys. What happens when Doctor Horrible finds out about the Emmys? Well, watch this and find out! Alternate link with the intro and outro bits in HD here.

June 04 2009

'Penny: Keep Your Head Up' - a Dr Horrible tale. Zack Whedon and Jim Rugg tell Penny's back-story in the latest issue of MySpace Dark Horse Presents. More...

May 10 2009

Felicia Day on the Kevin Pollack Show tonight. Online at 8pm ET. More...

May 18 2008

Dr. Horrible gets an Internet Movie Database page.

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