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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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November 07 2011

A Hallowhedon 3 convention report. Charisma Carpenter, Tony Head, Phina Oruche, Amber Benson and Adam Busch were at the UK con and there's some good tidbits to be had from the Q&As. And if you're interested you can buy artprints from the event at under the floorboards.

November 27 2006

Oruche is out! Phina Oruche is the fifth person to be voted out of "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" after two and a half weeks of bitching and biting. Her final interview is on ITV1 right now. She will be missed.

November 22 2006

The Weight of the World on her shoulders... Or, more accurately, the weight of the Australian jungle. Phina Oruche has had an interesting week in the outback; arguements, fighting and biting her fellow contestants for cheese and biscuits, but tommorow night the British public have voted her into the final and deciding round of who gets immunity in "I'm a Celebrity...". I pity her rival.

November 13 2006

Phina Oruche enters the jungle... Just a reminder for all you Olivia fans (cough), Phina Oruche enters the Jungle on ITV1, in the sixth series of "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here", well...right about now!

March 01 2006

Interview with Phina Oruche. The "Footballers Wives" star talks about her new role as Liberty Baker, mentions her stint on Buffy, and also tells us what she thinks on Footballers Wives VS Desperate Housewives. "I thought that Desperate Housewives ripped off Footballers' Wives, personally, I mean, Footballers' Wives have been going longer. I think somebody saw it" More...

February 28 2006

Phina Oruche gets yet another new role. "Buffy's" Olivia, a.k.a "Footballers Wives" Liberty Baker will join the cast of ITV1's "The Bill" for a few months playing a hot shot lawyer named Heather Lees according to Digital Spy. Will begin airing in April More...

February 19 2006

First pictures of Phina Oruche in "Footballers Wives" in the slideshow on the main page, and she is looking mighty beautiful! Series Five begins ITV1 on Thursday at 9pm. Spoilers for Footballers Wives fans (if there are any apart from me!)

September 20 2005

Phina Oruche joins the cast of "Footballers Wives". The actress who played Olivia in Buffy's fourth season has joined the cast of one of ITV1's biggest primetime shows as 'Liberty', the model girlfriend of Earls Park's new striker! Spoilers for other British shows. More...

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