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May 15 2012

The science of The Avengers. AICN's Copernicus discusses scientific accuracies and inaccuracies in The Avengers.

May 04 2012

The Physics of The Hulk's Jump. "If The Hulk were just like a normal human, but bigger, he would have the same value for a1 as a normal human. However, I think for The Hulk, he is a bit bulkier than a human. Let me just say that for The Hulk, his ratio is 1.25a1."

March 15 2008

Bad movie physics report card. Featuring Serenity and a star-studded list of other star-studded flicks. More...

May 09 2006

Physics of the Buffyverse. A science writer goes indepth on what scientific principles the Hellmouth relies on to keep things smooth. More...

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