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"You forced me to come to Arizona. I loathe Arizona."
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February 01 2008

Wizard Magazine #197 Features a Joss Q & A. There isn't a version of it online as of yet, but the magazine is on the stands now. Joss discusses his runs on Runaways and Astonishing X-Men which are both scheduled to drop the same day. Also (PIE SPOILERS!!!), his favorite pie (strawberry rhubarb) is discussed. You have been warned. More...

December 02 2007

Waitress Borders DVD Exclusive with Pie Recipe Cards. Including Doc's got a great bedside manner Bananer cream pie.And Nathan's favorite Chocolate Mousse Falling in Love pie. More...

May 21 2007

Waitress makes the top ten box office list. In its third weekend, "Waitress" broke into the top ten box office list with $1,135,000 in 116 theaters. That's up from #17 last week and #35 the one before. Considering the juggernauts at the top of the list right now, that's damn impressive. Here's hoping it hangs on... More...

May 02 2007

The Easy as Pie Mother's Day. Spend Mother's Day with Nathan Fillion. More...

April 29 2007

Quickie Q&A with Nathan Fillion. Waitress site hosts a fluffy pie-centric Q&A session with Fillion, where we learn that he seems to have a chocolate-issue, & we see what he might look like, were he your OB/GYN.

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