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May 08 2014

Seven actors discuss pilot season. Brief interview with Fran Kranz with mentions of Dollhouse and Joss.

August 11 2013

First impressions of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." pilot. Matt Mitovich, TVLine, offers his first impressions of the show's not-for-review pilot.

May 09 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. picked up by ABC? So says TV by the Numbers as today's pilot pickups news continue to flurry. Promo to air during the season finale of Once Upon a Time. ETA: FWIW, another outlet has since pulled their own story, it apparently not being official yet, or some such. ETA 2: Jace Lacob tweets: "ABC won’t confirm the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. order at this point." More...

November 01 2011

Summer joins Scent Of The Missing, pilot to start shooting this month. Glau, will play a new member of the K-9 Search and Rescue team who is beautiful and very wealthy but much tougher than she looks. More...

March 18 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg cast in CBS Comedy Pilot . Michelle has been cast as the female lead in CBS' untitled Peter Knight comedy pilot set in a high-powered venture capital firm. More...

February 21 2011

Alan Tudyk cast in Suburgatory. An ABC comedy pilot about living in the suburbs.

January 20 2011

Character in new show Fairly Legal is a Buffy Fan. Fairly Legal premieres tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. One of the main characters wears a Buffy Watch.

October 19 2010

Script review of Sarah Michelle Gellar's rejected HBO Pilot. Another one here.

November 15 2009

Should Felicia be an Angel? One of Charlie's that is. More...

February 25 2009

Amy Acker Joins the Cast of Happy Town. THR says of the pilot, "In "Happy Town," a small-town murder mystery, Acker will play the wife of the lead, cop Tommy Conroy (Geoff Stults)."

February 03 2009

(SPOILER) Four sneak peaks from Dollhouse 1x01 "Ghost". Spoiler TV has four videos from the pilot episode of Dollhouse - 2 are completely new, 1 is the old Ausiello clip and 1 was played during the End of Show Dollhouse radio show.

June 20 2008

A review of Alan Tudyk's new pilot. Joss'd producer Tabz attended the taping last night and posted a comprehensive review.

June 04 2008

Alan Tudyk Pilot taping June 18th in Burbank. Free tickets available, get 'em while they last. More...

April 24 2008

(SPOILER) Another review of the Dollhouse pilot script. "There's a pervasion of the creepy lurking throughout this pilot. Different kinds too. There's a sci-fi creepy in it and there's a stain-on-your-soul kind in there too". More...

April 21 2008

Joss Whedon Strikes Again. Jill Golick reviews the Dollhouse pilot briefly - and glowingly! No spoilers. More...

December 24 2007

"Buffy" writer signs letter urging AMPTP to restart talks with writers. Pilot season, where new shows are born, is supposed to start next month, but dozens of projects could be threatened by the writer's strike. Rebecca Rand Kirshner, who wrote several Buffy episodes including "Tabula Rasa", "Hell's Bells" and "Potential", is joining more than a hundred writers with pilot projects in signing a letter to the AMPTP to come back to the bargaining table. More...

September 14 2007

Download pilot of "Chuck" (starring Adam Baldwin) from Amazon's Unbox for *free*! Downloads to your computer or straight to your TiVo. More...

February 24 2006

Alan Tudyk cast in CBS's untitled Carol Mendelsohn drama. The show is about legal associates and he'll play a "competitive, arrogant Ivy League graduate."

July 07 2002

(SPOILER) Firefly's second pilot discussed at Ain't it Cool News. More...

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