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March 20 2015

Television that Home Video forgot: Drive. Sight on Sound looks at Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion's show from 2007. The site also covers Marti Noxon's Point Pleasant which aired back in 2005. More...

October 26 2011

Robert Duncan is on Twitter! The composer on season 7 of Buffy (and a bunch of Whedon-adjacent TV) is on Twitter.

October 04 2006 Fox promotion includes Buffyverse shows. UK site's latest Fox TV sale lists the Buffy and Angel slim season sets at 14.89. Tru Calling and Point Pleasant are also on offer. More...

January 11 2006

DVDTimes Reviews the R2 Release of "Point Pleasant". "Quite a fun series, even if it doesn't really live up to the quality I often expect from an early-cancelled show".

December 14 2005

Artwork for the Point Pleasant (R2) DVD. Nowhere as effective as the cover for the R1 DVD. Anyhow, this'll be out in the UK on the 27th of January.

November 03 2005

Pleasant Memories for Marti Noxon. More going over the ins and outs of what happened to Point Pleasant and there's even some discussion of Wonderfalls. And also find out about the two new pilots she's sold to Fox and ABC.

October 25 2005

On Point Pleasant and Prison Break - Marti Noxon tells all. A somewhat jolly interview with her at TV Guide. There's also some discussion of the proposed Spike movie as well.

October 24 2005

Preview The "Point Pleasant" DVD. TVShowsOnDVD have 5 clips from the box set (R1, released tomorrow).

October 21 2005

Marti Noxon talks 'Point Pleasant'. The cancelled Fox show is now available to buy on DVD (reg req). More...

October 07 2005

Point Pleasant DVD Competition. are giving away three DVD boxsets of Marti Noxon's show. More...

July 28 2005

"Point Pleasant" box art. Art for the Marti Noxon created show DVD release.

April 07 2005

Point Pleasant washes up on British terrestrial TV. Having vanished from Channel 4's satellite and cable spinoff E4 after eight episodes, Point Pleasant starts a terrestrial run at 1pm on Saturday. Expect it to be censored for the timeslot. (The link is to the show's E4 site, updated only to show its C4 air time.)

January 16 2005

(SPOILER) The 'Point' is not always pleasant. "Co-creator Marti Noxon is one of the ablest proteges of the wizardly Joss Whedon. There's also a literacy, even an elegance, that recall Whedon's best work. The name "Point Pleasant," you'll have figured out, is more than slightly ironic."

July 16 2004

Marti Noxon's "Point Pleasant " Moves Ahead. Fox network has ordered additional scripts for the proposed supernatural series "Point Pleasant," from former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" executive producer Marti Noxon.

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