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August 08 2012

Very funny Buffy shout-out on last night's Colbert Report. Joke begins at the 8:30 mark.

August 10 2009

Morena Baccarin on V- Political Observations. Morena sounds off about the political implications of the new show V, where she plays an alien "ambassador."

October 06 2008

Should Angel Season 4 help you vote for next President? A new list from io9 thinks so, It asked several political pundits what sci-fi stories are appropriate for the current presidential campaign. Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online chose "Angel" episodes that featured Jasmine, played by Gina Torres, who gave the world peace and harmony...for a price. More...

August 26 2008

Danny Strong is working the DNC for the AP. Fresh from "Recount," Danny Strong is keeping a video diary of the Democratic National Convention for the AP. First up: an interview with Anne Hathaway. Which is, oddly, presented as text. No idea yet what form this video will eventually take; anyone with more knowledge please comment about it.

August 14 2008

Neil Patrick Harris for veep! Comedy Central speculates on which NPH role would make the best vice presidential candidate for Barack Obama. Unbelievably, Dr. Horrible doesn't make the short list.

July 22 2008

Profs slip Dr. Horrible into political discourse. Philosophy professor John Holbo (of the National University of Singapore) on the implications of neo-Disraelism versus anarchism, with references to Dr. Horrible. More...

February 09 2007

Buffy the Anarcho-Syndicalist. A comic book where the Buffster is depicted as a radical counter culture icon fighting capitalist vampires. What would Giles say? More...

November 04 2006

Daniel Dae Kim in "Real Virginians for Webb" video. Kim urges Asian Pacific Americans of Virginia to vote for Democratic candidate Jim Webb for the US Senate this Tuesday.

April 18 2006

Batty Legislation. Apparently assemblyman Lloyd Levine's office began promoting his Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 on Friday, Sarah Michelle Gellar's birthday (reg req). More...

October 25 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity analysis by Peter Suderman, who previously reviewed the movie for Relevant. Here he analyzes its political-economical philosophy for The American Spectator... More...

August 09 2005

Mal Reynolds, Libertarian. As fandom spreads, everyone seems to filter Serenity and Firefly through their own beliefs. More...

May 02 2003

Buffy = the Bush Administration? MSNBC's Altercation makes this odd comparison while praising the actor who played the Mayor.

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